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Searching for people in Minnesota? Enter a name and press the search button and our people search will quickly locate and tell you where in Minnesota that person lives. The result includes address, telephone number, criminal records, income, property records, and more.

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  • Minneapolis
  • St. Paul
  • Rochester
  • Duluth
  • Bloomington
  • Brooklyn Park
  • Plymouth
  • Maple Grove
  • Woodbury
  • St. Cloud
  • Eagan
  • Eden Prairie
  • Blaine
  • Coon Rapids
  • Lakeville
  • Burnsville
  • Minnetonka
  • Apple Valley
  • Edina
  • St. Louis Park
  • Moorhead
  • Mankato

State of Minnesota Total Population:
5,6 Million Residents

Capital City:
Saint Paul

Largest Cities:
Minneapolis: 413,651
St. Paul: 304,442
Rochester: 114,011

Bordering States:
Iowa, Michigan, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin

A Short History Of Minnesota

Minnesota became a part of the United States as Minnesota Territory in 1849, and became the 32nd U.S. state on May 11, 1858. An inscribed stone known as the Kensington Runestone suggests that Norwegian, Icelandic, Swedish and Danish explores visited the inland of Minnesota in 1362. Many consider it a hoax. In the late 1650s Europeans visited Minnesota and that is confirmed. At the end of the 19th century, several forms of industrial development shaped Minnesota. Minnesota is the home of the Mall of America, which holds more than 400 stores and attracts nearly 40 million people a year.