What's Included In A Search Report?

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Do you want to know who is calling you? Do you want to identify the person behind a phone number? If yes, then we can do it for you. Type the phone number into the search box to find out who is calling you.

Below are some of the information you will find when you make use of our reverse telephone number lookup service

  • The owner's name
  • The owner's address
  • Criminal history
  • Comprehensive background check
  • Landline or cell
  • Carrier
  • Marriage And Divorce Records
  • Property Records
  • Age
  • Gender
  • ... And Much More

SearchUSAPeople.com reverse phone search services are linked with people's backgrounds and we deliver a deeper comprehensive background report. The search process is completely anonymous!

What Is Reverse Phone Lookup?

Do you need to find someone in the USA? Or do you simply want to know who's calling you? SearchUSAPeople.com is a wide and an all inclusive USA people search engine.

Using our tool will help you to receive contact information. Reconnect with old friends and family and lookup people's social networks by simply entering their phone numbers.

You can search billions of public records instantly using our Reverse Phone Lookup by just entering the phone number of such people.

The benefits of using our tool include:
  • Find long-lost old friends or classmates with our telephone lookup tool
  • Hook up or reconnect with family that is out of touch
  • Get the current contact information for your searched contact
  • Comprehensive background check

To get the current address and location history, family members and other public info, landline or mobile numbers you can search by their phone number, name, or even email address of your desired person.

A reverse telephone lookup is like searching by name, but instead, you search for a telephone number to trace the person behind that number.

Before the Internet, there was a large telephone directory book you searched in. Now you can investigate and track down the owner of a private telephone number online.

Is it legal?
Yes, in the USA it is legal to access telephone records because they are not considered to be confidential.

Why Lookup A Phone Number In The USA?

Find out who called you. Reveal a caller's identity based on their phone number and uncover their contact info, who they are, background, education, occupation, business, property, age, gender, and criminal history.

Be informed and updated on a scam and spam calls. Check a seller or a buyer before you make a deal. Discover the city and state they are calling from.

Find out the telephone number of a harassing caller. Get the background and learn more about a potential date. No matter the reason you decide to use this tool, it should provide you with valuable information you can use in your searches.

Learn about someone's background. Our tool is optimized to perform an extensive search across billions of records while granting your complete confidentiality. You remain anonymous while making sure you find all available information there is about a caller.

Available Public Telephone Records

When conducting a search you will have access to all available public telephone records in the USA. Your search will give you access to your unknown caller's background, education, business, property, assets, criminal past, convictions, arrests, vehicle, traffic violations, address, and other public records.

Popular Area Codes In The USA

New York
212 - Manhattan, New York City
718 - Eastern New York City (excluding Manhattan)
917 - Serves all five boroughs of New York City
716 - Buffalo
585 - Rochester

310 - Los Angeles
818 - Hollywood
415 - San Francisco
626 - Pasadena
650 - Silicon Valley

District of Columbia
202 - Washington D.C.

210 - San Antonio
214 - Dallas
281 - Houston
512 - Austin

312 / 773 - Chicago
331 / 630 - Aurora
779 / 815 - Rockford

617 - Boston

904 - Jacksonville
305 - Miami
813 - Tampa

206 - Seattle

215 / 267 - Philadelphia
412 / 878 - Pittsburgh

602 - Phoenix
520 - Tucson
480 - Mesa

303 / 720 - Denver
719 - Colorado Springs

404 / 678 / 770 - Atlanta

317 - Indianapolis

502 - Louisville

504 - New Orleans

410 / 443 / 667 - Baltimore

313 - Detroit

612 - Minneapolis

402 - Omaha

702 / 725 - Las Vegas

New Jersey
862 / 973 - Newark

New Mexico
505 - Albuquerque

North Carolina
704 / 980 - Charlotte
919 / 984 - Raleigh
336 - Greensboro

614 - Columbus
216 - Cleveland
513 - Cincinnati

405 - Oklahoma City
539 / 918 - Tulsa

503 / 971 - Portland

South Dakota
605 - Is the code for all cities in South Dakota

615 - Nashville
901 - Memphis

801 - Salt Lake City

757 - Virginia Beach

414 - Milwaukee
608 - Madison

Cities from the same state often have the same area code. Example: Virginia area code 757 = Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Hampton, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth, and Suffolk.