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How Copyright Works who owns the copyright is the only one who can copy or give permission to someone else to copy the work on this website. As a copyright holder, we can collect royalties when others use our copyrighted work.

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Since March 1989, the use of the copyright notice does not require registration with the Copyright Office.

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  • How Do I Know If Your Website Is Copyrighted?

At the bottom of all pages on our website, you can see the copyright symbol © and the word "Copyright", the owner and the year of our websites' first publication (and the latest year).

However, you should know that if you publish your self-written article or some other content on a website, that material is automatically copyrighted to you under U.S. copyright law. So there is no need for the copyright symbol. But to prove you published the content it can be good in some situations such as in a court case or if you got a plagiarism penalty from a search engine company, it might help to have a copyright notice.

It is not necessary to have a Copyright notice on all pages. We have it on all our pages to make it harder for our users to not see it.