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  • ❖ Phone Numbers 
  • ❖ Criminal Records 
  • ❖ Public Records 
  • ❖ Neighbors 
  • ❖ People's Age 
  • ❖ Property Ownership 
  • ❖ And Much More

What's Included In A People Search Report?

USA People Search. 7 DAY Unlimited Searches and Reports - Only $4.95. Available Now!

Search For People In The USA. Find contact information & other US public records.

Find information about anyone. The background check results include when available:

  • Full Name 
  • Telephone Number 
  • Address Shown on a Map 
  • Criminal Records 
  • Income
  • Assets
  • Median Household Income 
  • Vehicle 
  • Email 
  • Court Records 
  • Age 
  • Marriage & Divorce Records 
  • Property Ownership 
  • Neighbors 
  • Peoples' Online Activity
  • Social Accounts 
  • Data Used By Private Investigators 
  • + much more

Uncover all this and more with SearchUSAPeople. All reports are designed to be easily understood by everyone. See a list of all information included in a background check report:

Instructions - How To Run A People Search

  • Enter the first & last name of a person. (Required)
  • Enter a city. (Not necessary) 
  • Choose a state. (Not necessary) 
  • Press the search button or hit enter on your keyboard. 
  • The search results will come back in seconds.
  • Choose & click on a name from the result list. Print or download the report. 
  • The cost: $4.95 - unlimited background check reports.
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Your searches and information will be handled based on five trust service principles: Security, Availability, Processing Integrity, Confidentiality, and Privacy.

Find People With SearchUSAPeople.com

A USA people search with access to billions of public documents. Find anyone. InfoTracer provides addresses, phone numbers, income, assets and court files. Your people searches, address searches, phone searches, license plate searches, asset searches, court document searches, criminal record searches, and email searches are 100% confidential & secure. We do not plant any cookies into your web browser and do not save your search history.

Our website is a people search engine with US public records online, covering 95% of the US adult population from all states, cities, towns, villages, and hamlets. The list of the results also includes the insular areas of the United States.

You will get the highest possible level of investigation services. With our USA people search, background check, reverse phone lookup, address finder, and other services we offer on this website, we want to make sure that all US public records & contact information are accessible online for you to research anyone from home.

The best way to find information on a person is to use a people finder where public documents are easily accessed. Enter a telephone number, address or name to get in contact with a friend or to check someone's background. Not only can you see a person's criminal past, age, phone number, household members, marital status, address history or their current address, but also who their neighbors and relatives are.

With unlimited access to public records, you can check the background on:

  • Friends 
  • Military buddies 
  • Family members 
  • Classmates 
  • Business partners 
  • Relatives 
What we offer is simply a background check service - $4.95 for a 7-day full access.

  • Our Mission And Vision

Our vision and mission is to create a better everyday life for anyone who wants to find detailed information about someone. SearchUSAPeople will provide you with in-depth people searches with billions of records to explore, and our goal is to give you the best experience possible using our services and to be satisfied with the results. We want to make sure that all public records are accessible online so that anyone can research people from home.

Read more here: About Us & Faq.

  • SearchUSAPeople Privacy Policy & Terms

SearchUSAPeople.com understands how highly you value your privacy. The privacy of our visitors is of extreme importance to us. We are, of course, also Internet users.

We respect our users' online privacy. Example: SearchUSAPeople.com does not use cookies. Visitors' privacy is protected & secured with a Comodo SSL Certificate. We do not collect or ask for any personal or private information. Read more about our privacy-friendly policy: Privacy Policy Page

If you are a California resident, you need to know that we do not collect any information from you at all. Read our California Privacy Notice page. For visitors from the European Union, read our EU Privacy Notice page.

Please read about how visitors are and are not permitted to use the content of this website. Please take a look at this websites important terms: Terms and Conditions of Use

  • Removing Personal Information From The Results

For opt-out info, how to be removed from US address books & databases and how to be removed from official public data containing identifying information such as name, address & phone number, please follow the link here: Opt-Out.

The USA People Search Results

All results are displayed electronically and you can print or download the report. All information and results come from third parties with up to date information including contact information such as an address, and other valuable details taken from various public documents.

All your searches on this website are confidential so it is only you who will know what or who you are looking for.

Additional details about the person you are looking for may contain carrier & provider information for phone numbers. The reverse phone lookup report may also include the time zone where a number is registered. Personal details are obtained from anyone who has a phone number, an address or even an email address including IP addresses where emails are registered.

By providing a name, address or a telephone number, we can assure you that you will get all the detailed info you desire, quickly & efficiently.

  • USA Phone Numbers, Addresses, Criminal Records...

It is easy to print or download a summary report of searches made on this website. After finding what or who you are looking for in the USA you can decide to go or not to go further. We offer unlimited access for seven days and you will be able to see and find out nearly everything about a person. Telephone number, address, criminal records, income, occupation, education, & more.

Nearly all payment options online are available such as PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Google Pay & Apple Pay. Secure payments with encryption technologies using Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

Find People In The USA

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To understand more clearly how our website operates, think of it as a typical search engine but for people.

If you ever need to find someone or to do a background check, or a reverse phone lookup, feel relieved because you have access to updated public information, across billions of records, through SearchUSAPeople.com. What you have here is a service that focuses mainly on helping you find people in the USA across all 50 states.

What Is A People Search?

It is an online search engine and a fast and easy way to find out information about people. Our USA people search allows you to explore millions of U.S. public documents to help you find the info you are looking for. Enter the name of the individual you want to know more about, press the search button and you will be provided with information such as an address, a phone number, criminal background, date of birth, and age.

The results at SearchUSAPeople.com comes from multiple public records sources. People leave behind all kinds of records. With our USA people search, background check service, reverse phone lookup, license plate search, or address search, you will find and learn more about people in a safely and responsibly way.

If you are looking for information about people, a USA phone number, a license plate, someone's background or are curious about where your former friends live today, conduct a search and discover everything you need to know about a person. The person you want to look up will never be notified. All the information you submit to our site is 100% confidential.

Why Search On People?

When you search for people with SearchUSAPeople.com, you will find a lot more information than you can obtain with other search engines like Bing, Yahoo, and Google. Finding deep personal info with Bing, Yahoo or Google is in most cases not possible.

To get the most information about someone you interact with can be vital to your safety. You can never be too sure about another person's history. Lookup key details about a new business partner, a date, a college roommate or a lost family member.

There are a lot of deep info to find out about a person: criminal records, arrest records, lien records, assets, marriage, bankruptcy, birth, phone number, license plate lookup, court records, police records, property, death, divorce, email, driving records, VIN lookup, inmate records, sexual harassment, warrants, and much more.

  • What More Is There In A People Finder Report?

There is a professional licenses section in the people finder report. (Electricians, doctors, nurses, teachers, lawyers, and more). Donations and contributions to political parties. Your report will also contain social profiles and images or articles from the World Wide Web associated with your search subject. Forum posts, blogs, videos, e-mail addresses, and other digital footprints.

Another section of the background report includes your subject’s relatives and associates. It can be cousins, parents, and grandparents, or/and roommates, business partners, friends, and much more.

Our People Finder Deliver Public Records Online In Seconds

A search engine like Bing, Google, Yahoo, or any other, is not very good at telling you about people's education, what vehicle they drive, what occupation they have or if they have a criminal history. Our engine does tell you those things. We have access to billions of public documents and records from private sources.

A monthly subscription gives you unlimited access to as many background check reports as you want. Of course, sometimes it is possible to find someone's background with Google, Yahoo, and Bing, but in most cases, you need to visit hundreds of different places. To investigate yourself is time-consuming. It is much easier to have all public records gathered in one place and just a mouse-click away.

Let's say you want to get a hold on some information about who your new neighbor is. Searching online is almost impossible to investigate who they are and what kind of history they have, but with our people finder service, you can get almost all the documents there is about your new neighbor in seconds. Especially if you want to do a background check to find out their criminal past.

In the USA, we have the freedom to view peoples' public records because they are not considered to be confidential. There are documents like criminal records with restrictions in some states, but overall, they are free for the public to view.

How Do I Find People In The USA Online?

There are many ways to locate a person. USA is a big country and searching on your own and visit maybe hundreds of websites takes a lot of time. Everybody leaves information without thinking about it. Many consumers have credit cards, a driver's license, a car, an address, a phone number, a speeding ticket, and everything becomes a public record.

Now, the question was

  • How Do I Find People In The USA Online?

Search here on SearchUSAPeople where all US records are easily accessed from one place. We have access to thousands of federal, state & municipal sources nationwide. It is one of the most, if not the most, extensive coverage areas in the industry.

SearchUSAPeople helps you find people and to learn more about someone's background with criminal records, court records, bankruptcies, vehicles, education, and occupation. With SearchUSAPeople you will be able to look up your information, check your neighbors, track down old friends, check a vehicle before buying or selling, identify the person or company who is calling you with a reverse phone lookup, research your family tree, and more.