• ❖ Property Ownership 
  • ❖ Business Ownership 
  • ❖ Vehicles 
  • ❖ Income 
  • ❖ Investments 
  • ❖ Land Ownership 
  • ❖ Tax Refunds 
  • ❖ Boats

What's Included In The Report?

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Enter a person's name to do an asset record search and find the ownership information that is available to the public.

The results originate from federal, state, county, and private data sources. Examples of information you will find when you search assets:

  • Vehicles 
  • Technical specifications
  • Registered value 
  • Income 
  • Sources of income 
  • Property ownership 
  • Purchase history 
  • Net Worth
  • Business ownership 
  • Business assets 
  • Equipment of value 
  • Investments report 
  • Estimated wealth 
  • + much more

Search through our entire database of records to get ownership and how much something is worth. Learn more about financial records and property status of an individual or business with SearchUSAPeople.com.

The data is updated daily with millions of documents.

SearchUSAPeople.com asset search will give you instant access to:

  • Stock Holdings
  • Patents and Trademarks
  • Vehicles and Watercraft
  • Bankruptcies

SearchUSAPeople.com helps you to:

  • Learn more about estimated property value
  • Find essential facts about civil suits
  • Understand financial records

Your searches may yield significant information from USA public sources.

Asset Records Are Public Records

By gathering details about someone you can investigate and find everything (unless sealed) filed at courthouses, with the county recorder’s office, tax assessors' offices, and others.

You can investigate someone's tangible and intangible assets and identify personal income, property, cars, and boats, owned by a person and lookup its value.

Divorce, bankruptcy, and foreclosure filings often include financial information about people and businesses and are public records.

Information from financial institutions about a private bank account can only be obtained with the subject's consent through a subpoena, search warrant, or court order.

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