RSS Feed - Why We Still Have It?

Read our RSS feed with an RSS viewer.

When we publish new or updated content on our website you can access that with an RSS reader. RSS (Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication) is a web feed, a text file with basic necessary information on new or updated articles and pages. Even if there is not much interest in RSS feeds anymore (it hasn't disappeared) there are people who read our feed and are interested in our newest published content.

Rich Site Summary contains a stream of article descriptions and links and you need an RSS viewer to display the content. You can get regular updates from all of your favorite websites if they have a web feed. Here below are a couple of free readers:

There is also a lot of reading software's for both desktops and mobile phones you can purchase. New readers continue to come online.

Why A Web Feed?

Checking a website with thousands of pages for new content can take forever. With a web feed reader, you can see the newest content in seconds. It is simply an easy way to notify readers that new content is available on

The first version of RSS was created by developers at Netscape and was released in 1999. It was used mostly by technology enthusiasts in the computing technology industry. The idea of it goes back to 1995 when Meta Content Framework (MCF) was developed for structuring data about websites. Since then, many modified versions have been published.

The code is in the markup language XML (Extensible Markup Language) and with this xml-format anyone can follow a blog, podcast, or any website they wish to follow. It brings the newest content to you and the technology makes no difference to the type of content.

Copy and paste it into a reader to see our newest content.

In the future, RSS might be replaced with a better web feed technology. But until then, we will use it.

Different Types Of RSS Feeds

Some examples of different types of feeds:

  • Audio - For the latest music, interviews, and more.
  • Blog - To read new blog posts.
  • Forum – See the most recent forum posts.
  • News – Read the latest articles.
  • Offer - To get information about offers and discounted prices.
  • Schedule feeds - Schools and organizations sometimes use RSS feeds to send out information about schedule changes, events, and more.