• ✔ Contact Info
  • ✔ Age
  • ✔ Property Ownership
  • ✔ Court Records
  • ✔ Public Records
  • ✔ Relatives
  • ✔ Neighbors
  • ✔ And Much More

What's Included In A Search Report?

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Search and make sure people still live at the location you know or look up an address to identify the person behind the address. Examples of information you will find when you do a search:

  • People Living At The Address
  • Phone Numbers
  • Property Ownership
  • Dwelling Type
  • Estimated House Value
  • Home Purchase Date
  • Median Household Income
  • Court Records
  • Relatives And Associates
  • Criminal Records
  • Bankruptcies And Liens
  • Assets
  • Vehicle
  • Vital Records
  • Marriage & Divorce Records
  • Education
  • Occupation
  • ...And Much More

Search through our entire database of records to get information about businesses, resident, previous addresses, phone numbers, home values and many more! Learn more about who just moved in, or find a phone number for that old pen pal, look up marriage and divorce records with SearchUSAPeople.com powerful address search system databases that are updated daily with millions of property records.

SearchUSAPeople.com USA address search will give you instant access to:

  • Current and past residents
  • Property ownership and value details
  • Neighborhood sex offender data

SearchUSAPeople.com helps you to:

  • Learn more about your neighbors and friends
  • Scout that house for sale
  • Understand your neighborhood

Your searches may yield significant information on what kinds of crimes occur frequently in your neighborhood.

Knowing An Address But Not The Person's Name?

You can look up a person by their address. If you want to find out who lives at a certain address or if you don't have a name but you know the location, do a reverse address search and locate people. Besides from basic contact info records, a search will also tell you the property values, ownership, past residents, and median household income.

With deeper digging you will also see (if there are any) arrests, sex offender data, and other criminal records.

SearchUSAPeople Stories

SearchUSAPeople.com is committed and actively focused on helping people research and reconnect with others. Our search service lets you reunite with families, connect with old friends or lovers by simply entering the address you wish to obtain information on, and select from the appropriate results.

Why Use Our Reverse Address Lookup?

Our reverse address lookup is all you need to locate an old friend or acquaintance and get their contact details. We will also deliver property information and info about the neighborhood.

Our reports come from multiple public records databases, federal data, state data, county data, and from other online sources. (Courthouses, Sheriff Offices, Consumer Databases, Phone Databases, Property Records, Vehicle Databases, Vital Records, World Wide Web, Social Media)

Get more information about a property before you're about to buy a house. Are there criminals living in your neighborhood? You might be surprised. Learn more about your neighbors and find out if there are sex offenders in your area.

With one of the largest databases in the industry, billion of records, you can be sure that the report you'll get is comprehensive.

Find An Address By Conducting A Reverse Phone Lookup

Do you have a person's phone number but not the location? Visit our reverse phone lookup service to find out where he or she lives.

A phone lookup is like searching by an address or a name, but instead, you search a telephone number to find out where someone lives.

SearchUSAPeople.com different lookup services is linked with people's background and we deliver a deeper comprehensive background report.