Mon, 20 Nov 2017

Recruit Trustworthy And Credible People For Work

First of all. Background checks for the purpose of hiring an employee is governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act ("FCRA") and should be purchased from a consumer reporting agency as defined in the FCRA. Do not use a USA people search website for the purpose to check a employees background.

Nowadays, businessmen need to be extra careful in hiring the right people. There are actually many ways to do that. As an employer, you need to be patient and vigilant. One of the most effective ways to do this is to buy a background check from a consumer reporting agency. This is very important especially for positions involving accounting or financial matters. There are a lot of information about the applicant that you need to confirm and clarify. You have to consider not only their excellent scholastic records and work experiences but also the applicants' credibility and honesty.

Many employers do a comprehensive background check or investigation to avoid fraud and deception. They want to make sure that applicants are telling the truth about their scholastic records, previous work experiences as well as their personal information. It is not enough to get information. You need to validate them too. If you want to do a background check, there are some things you need to consider:

School Records

One of the most common ways to check an applicant's school records is to call the school and verify if the applicant really graduated from that university or college. It is also important to check if the scholastic records presented are true. There are a lot of forged transcript cases nowadays. As an employer, you can ask for records and copies from that certain school but you need the applicant's consent in order to do this.

Personal Information

The first thing that you need to check as an employer is the applicant's personal information. You have to make sure that the person is not using other people's identity. There are many ways to check the validity of one's personal information. Check the address, telephone number and other personal information that you think could be helpful for confirmation.

Employment History

Employment history shows all the information about an applicant's previous job and work experiences. This includes all the companies he or she has worked for, including his or her job titles, dates of employment and salary earned at each of his or her jobs. Verifying one's employment history can help an employer confirm that the resume and/or job application of an applicant is accurate and true. Talk to the applicant's former employer for more information and testimonies about him or her. This can also help you decide especially if the previous employer has a lot to say about the applicant.

Credit Check

It is also important to check the applicant's credit history issues. This could help you make sure that the person you're going to hire is trustworthy. Employers can only check an applicant's credit history if the latter gives them his or her permission. Credit check can help employer know the applicants current credit situation. Bad credit and bankruptcy would usually result to losing of an employment opportunity although this may depend on the company's policies.

Drug Test

Employment drug screening is also important when you're doing a background check. You all know what these prohibited substances can do to a person's actions and decisions. There are many kinds of drug or alcohol tests applicants may be asked to take. Make sure that they took the tests truthfully. This can save you from hiring an inefficient and unproductive applicant.

Criminal Records

Checking an applicant's criminal record is one of the many ways to protect your company's security. No one wants to hire a person with a serious criminal record, right? But, according to the Human Rights Code, rejecting an applicant who has a criminal record is an act of discrimination. Fortunately, if a certain company clearly stated in their policy their proceedings with regards to criminal background checks and decisions on the results, no one can question their hiring process.

Medical Records

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, it is also discrimination if you base your hiring on one's medical records. However, you can check the applicant's medical conditions and see if these conditions can affect his or her ability to perform the required tasks. You can inquire about his or her medical conditions but you cannot request the applicant's medical record without the latter's consent.


Applicant's resume usually contain their chosen references. You can also call these persons to confirm the applicant's identity. There's a reason why he or she put them as one of the references. Give the applicant a chance to be built up by other people. Just make sure that the references are credible people. Ask them their opinions about the applicant. This can also help you know more about the person.

You can confirm one's identity in so many ways. You can do this the conventional way of calling all those people involved. You can check with a consumer reporting agency that can help you with all of this. Aside from basic information like name, age, and birth date, the information can also includes telephone numbers, location and addresses based on map, income information, criminal records, and property ownership. The mentioned data comes from different sources in the country.

Doing a background check or investigation is not an easy task. It is advisable for a company to have an exclusive team specially tasked for this kind of job. This requires time and effort. This can be very crucial if you are to build workforce of honest and trustworthy employees. This, however, also requires some amount of disclosure on your part. You also need to make sure that you inform the applicants that you will be doing a background check on them.

Always keep in mind that hiring is a comprehensive process. Your company needs efficient people. If you want to have these kinds of people, you also need to work hard for it. This will save you from having legal issues as well as hiring the wrong people. Trust your instincts and base your judgment on the information you've collected from your background check. It is normal to be deceived. Many people experience deception every day of their lives. The best thing that you can do to avoid it is to guard yourself by not trusting too much. Take precautionary measures including conducting a comprehensive and thorough background check bought from a consumer reporting agency.

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