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If you need to run multiple background checks, you should consider an online people finder for all the background checks. If you want to access many reports, it can be significantly fair to have a monthly subscription, which could mean you will pay less than checking the report individually.

There will be affordability, and also the quality of the report will be guaranteed and thus serve the primary purpose of the search backgrounds. For quality background checks, it should include information about the email accounts, addresses, phone numbers, income, criminal records, and other relative information, which would be crucial for the legal courts proceeding.

For instance, the information gathered in the background checks is geared toward collecting information used in criminal judgments, marriages, and any other assets owned. Therefore, the quality and assurance of the report should always be guaranteed.

It is easy to use a people search to find all the information you need. You should note that you should always include the cities, and states to ensure that you narrow the results required at the end of the process. has been helpful to many people who have interacted with the system with the main goal to help to re-unite across the nation.

With the click of the mouse, you can access the search database, and you will be able to explore the millions of the public record that bring you the results you are searching for.

On the other hand, you can also get substantial information from social media platforms, commonly compared with people finder. In recent days, there has been growth in the social media platform, which has boosted the number of search results online.

The Main Social Media Platforms

Facebook was founded in 2004, and the company has more than 2.45 Billion active users. It has been used by leading financial services and other e-commerce platforms, and this has made its News Feed the most reliable and used News Feed.

Twitter has been growing fast and furious, with more than 330 million active users across the globe. It was founded in 2004, and the company has helped many brands to grow in the market due to the visibility which the company is giving to the million people users. The number of users continues to rise on a daily basis, and this is an indication that people are using Twitter more.

It was launched in 2010, and it has more than 1 billion active users who have been using the platform. It's a social network where the product-based businesses and other influencers ensure key business thriving.

Benefits Of A People Finder As Compared To Social Media

Easy location of people
The biggest benefit of a people search engine is to be able to find and connect with people whom you haven’t seen for a long time. A people finder enables easy location of people.

One can easily lose contact with friends, family, and relatives as people are becoming highly mobile. People may move due to various reasons which include getting big commitment which is evident where a person get new jobs or gets a job transfer, after building of a new home, financial reasons where one moves to a cheaper house and location, due to family reasons an example is when a lady is married while other moves for fun and making new friends.

With a people search engine, one can easily locate people as a specific criterion is used instead of looking for people with no specific format, especially for people you have not been acquainted with.

It might be difficult to locate people through social media due to various reasons. For example, one may be using a false name or a nickname; People may be having a common name; hence one needs to check on the profile of all the people with the name you are searching for.

Also, most people prefer to keep their data private it's at times very difficult to get a person’s contact information. Therefore, it's very easy to search for any information with a people finder instead of using social media platforms.

Hiring the right employees
With a people finder, one can easily get information about a person. Background checks for the purpose of hiring an employee is governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and should be purchased from a consumer reporting agency as defined in the FCRA.

The employer needs to know the person being recruited before hiring; the employers can easily do a background check. Information such as involvement in illegal and criminal activities and financial status can also be found easily that ensures that the right people are hired and the organization standards are adhered to and ensure the company's safety.

It's difficult to do a background check of the employees with social media platforms, as the information provided might be misleading. Most of the companies are interested in learning more about their employees, and therefore this could be a great avenue to conduct the due diligence.

Protection of identity
You can easily search yourself with a people finder; hence one gets to know whether another person is using your name hence take the necessary measures. The tool contains information about all the people. It's also, therefore, important to confirm whether the information provided is correct.

With social media platforms, the protection of identity becomes difficult to achieve within a very short period. It is in everyone's interest to use a reliable platform in which they can have the security of their data anytime they do background checks. To delete your digital footprints we recommend the application PC Privacy Shield.

Identify unknown people
You can identify unknown people through the uses of the people finder tool. It also becomes easier to identify whether the information given is true and accurate.

It's difficult to identify unknown people through social media. The information provided may not be accurate as people owning the accounts are responsible for the information; some people may not provide personal information or may end up giving false and misleading information. In most cases, a people finder is a good way to use to help trace unknown people.

Safety concerns
A people finder is important as it ensures safety concerns, especially of our children. It helps you to check other adults around your children. It can be a person who provides child care, a neighbor, or a father and mother to a friend of your kids.

Keep your children safe and teach them about personal information. You can check for criminal histories and see if there's any threat to you and your family. You can run a background check on people to ensure your children are safe.

Social media is a good platform for interaction, but it also negatively affects our children, including peer pressure, which could negatively impact. An example is where a kid changes the dress code to what the other peers think is right, but the parent does not consider it right. Children could also be exposed to bullying and may also undergo depression.

Social media platforms are not accessible children. Opening an account for a child would be lying about the age at which the children could get the information that lying is not bad. Parents need to keep an eye on the children they communicate with and ensure that they are safe. It is difficult to ensure safety through social media platforms as one can't know the exact location as most people don't pin their whereabouts.

Prevents fraud
People are nowadays easily conned; this is due to the availability of contact details online. Some of the people take the details to engage in malicious activities. This can be seen in the marketing fields where people try to sell goods that are not in existence, great offers and discounts are used to entice more customers, but once the buyer sends the money, the buyer becomes unreachable.

Another example is job scams, where people post for vacant positions only to ask money from the applicants, yet no jobs are available.

Doing a people search or a background check on yourself is important. Identity theft has become a major problem these days. Make sure that your information are correct. Be sure to stay safe by staying smart. Do everything you can to protect yourself from fraud.

Social media platforms are becoming more people, and people using them are at risk of getting conned due to personal information exposure. The platforms are becoming popular means for marketing as one can reach many people while using minimum resources.

As compared to a people finder, it is difficult to get information about the culprits on social media platforms as the company might be having fake names and staff, and most likely, the business might not be even registered.

A Small Membership Fee
Our people finder charges a small fee for the membership. This is another difference between a people finder and other social media, which does not charge for a membership. The charge is for putting together the public records information needed online.


With over 2 billion public records in the databases, has been giving the users the freedom to search for anyone and everyone. This makes it possible for people to access key information that is needed. Our people finder will provide you with the valuable information that you need. It provides crucial information that enhances quality assurance for all the records needed to be compared to the social media platform. It does not require anyone to have a membership. Your choice.

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