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Removal Request - Opt-Out Information

For removal requests please follow the link here <<OPT OUT>> and click on the "OPT OUT POLICY" and follow the instructions.

You need to confirm your identity so InfoTracer may remove the correct information from their databases.

Remember that other people search engines will display the information about you and are available to the public if you do not contact your state/local office, or department.

How to remove your public records from other people search engines, one by one. Follow the instructions on the wiki-site: wiki.onerep.com.

Changes May Not Be Effective Immediately

We use the databases of InfoTracer and to opt out you can submit a request to their Data Management Department. They will remove your identifying information such as your name, phone number, and address.

Once InfoTracer have processed your data removal request, the information you have provided will no longer appear in their databases. Changes may not be effective immediately and note that they are unable to remove information about you from public records databases operated by third parties.

Public records are available to anyone who requests them. Have in mind that to remove your official public records from other people search engines you will need to contact all the people search sites, one by one, or the relevant state or local office, agency, court, or department to make your request. The opt out process at InfoTracer alone does not remove your information from available public records. It only removes your information from the InfoTracer databases.