What's Included In The Report?

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Enter a person's name and find documents from a court case or find out if a person has a criminal history. The case files originate from federal, state, and county courts.

Examples of information you will find when you search for documents:

  • Documented case details 
  • Arrest records 
  • Charges 
  • Civil lawsuit cases 
  • Allegations 
  • Public data 
  • Bankruptcy 
  • Police files 
  • Sheriff county files 
  • Municipal police files 
  • Lawsuits 
  • Subject's profile 
  • + much more

Search through our entire database of USA court records to get information about a case. Learn more about the details of a case of an individual or business with SearchUSAPeople.com. The database is daily updated with millions of documents.

SearchUSAPeople.com court records search will give you instant access to:

  • Information about legal proceedings
  • Legal judgments
  • Tax liens history
  • A summary of someone's driving records

SearchUSAPeople.com helps you to:

  • Learn more about what court records are
  • Find essential facts about lawsuits
  • Understand court documents

Your searches may yield significant information from cases and info from other public documents.

Case Documents Are Public Records

Court records are public records. If the records were not for the public to view, there would not be any True-Crime documentaries on TV.

Programs such as: Making a Murderer, The Jinx, The Staircase, and other popular TV shows would not have been made, without the case records being available for public inspection.

In some cases, no one may view the content for confidentiality reasons. The United States Congress has also limited the use of some data, and cannot be used for employment decisions, as regulated in the Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

The type of court documents that are not open for the public to see varies from State to State. It is often public files about juvenile cases, personal bank account information, social security numbers, corporate trade secrets, and ongoing criminal investigations.