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What's Included In The Report?

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Enter the person's name to get the arrest details. Search and find out if someone you know has a record with the police in the USA. The report includes:

  • Arrest Details 
  • Warrants 
  • Full Name 
  • Bail and Bond Details 
  • Mugshot 
  • Charges 
  • Felonies 
  • Convictions 
  • Court Details 
  • Parole Records 
  • Legal Judgments 
  • Probation Records 
  • DUIs & DWIs 
  • Driving Violations 
  • Incarcerations 
  • + much more

Search through our entire database with records to get information about the detention. An arrest record is a very important police record with details about the accused person.

SearchUSAPeople.com's powerful arrest search is updated daily with millions of documents.

SearchUSAPeople.com will give you instant access to:

  • Detailed information about the detention
  • Information about the charges
  • Bail and bond information
  • Warrant data
  • Court summons
  • Expected release date
  • Nationwide records

SearchUSAPeople.com helps you to:

  • Learn more about professional bonding companies
  • Find essential facts like parole date
  • Understand crime codes and court documents
  • Fetch people's arrest history

Your searches may yield significant information on what kind of crime someone is accused of, the date when the offense was committed, if the offense is bailable, or if the person is in police custody or jail.

Arrest Details Are Public Records

When someone gets into police custody, the police create a report with details about the crime and how the arrest was made.

All the information is held by the law enforcement agency that conducted the detention. The documents will contain all the personal details of the accused person.

The arrest details are public records but in some jurisdictions, the law doesn't allow for some records to be obtainable by the public. This can happen if the case was dismissed, if it is part of an ongoing investigation, or if the suspect is found not guilty.

Each state can determine whether they wish certain information to be available or not. Juvenile records are sealed information and not public records in the USA.

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