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"I Plead the Fifth"
Sun, 18 Nov 2018
"I plead the fifth" from the Fifth Amendment in the Constitution of the US gives you the freedom to remain silent while the investigation continues.

Nearly 70 million Americans Have A Criminal Record
Wed, 7 Nov 2018
The fact that nearly 70 million Americans have criminal records is already cause for concern for most people, and so it should also be for you.

A People Search Is A Great Problem Solver
Sun, 28 Oct 2018
A people search engine is a way to prevent becoming a victim from the lack of honest and truthful information. A people search is a great problem solver.

The First Serial Killer In The USA
Wed, 17 Oct 2018
Herman Webster Mudgett, better known as Dr. Henry Howard Holmes, or H.H. Holmes, was dubbed the first serial killer in the US. But was he, really?

PC Privacy Shield
Thu, 11 Oct 2018
Wipe out your online digital footprint. Here is why you should use a privacy protection software like PC Privacy Shield to wipe out your digital footprint.

Is the US a Land of Criminals?
Wed, 3 Oct 2018
Many US adults have an arrest or a conviction. The statistics are alarming but does this mean that the US is a land of criminals?

The Power of People Search Engine
Sat, 22 Sep 2018
A people search engine can be very powerful for a number of reasons. You are dealing with legitimate public records that can in no way be faked.

The Wild West Period
Sun, 16 Sep 2018
Often referred to as the Golden Age of America, the Wild West Period was an immensely significant time span in the history of the United States.

Check People For Security Purposes
Wed, 12 Sep 2018
Your safety and security matters. The same can be said for the people around you. Check people's criminal records for safety and security purposes.

Who Are Your Neighbors?
Sat, 8 Sep 2018
You may be living next to a friendly family, but sometimes, there are unpleasant neighbors in your block. Have you checked if your neighborhood is safe?

Find People's Criminal History
Mon, 27 Aug 2018
With a people search engine you can search for people's criminal history in minutes without having to physically go to any government office.

How To Find Missed Calls
Thu, 23 Aug 2018
Determining the identity behind that phone call from a strange number can leave you with quite a number of disturbing questions.

Discover Who Your Ancestors Were
Wed, 28 Mar 2018
Who are your ancestors? We all have relatives whom we never met. The emergence of internet today has brought the world closer than ever before.

What Do You Know About Your Lost Friend?
Mon, 26 Mar 2018
Searching for a lost friend? Is there something you can do to discover someone's whereabouts when you've just so happened to lose track of someone?

The History of Beer in the USA
Thu, 1 Mar 2018
The first European settlers hailed from cultures that brewed beer. Breweries started in New Amsterdam (New York), the first brewing center in the USA.

Consequences in the USA for Parole Violations
Tue, 27 Feb 2018
Consequences for parole violations in the USA. There is a range of penalties that the court can impose once you are found guilty of violating your parole.

Life after Prison for Sex Offenders
Fri, 16 Feb 2018
After prison a sex offender is required to register in the sex offender database for a period of time depending on the offense they have committed.

Criminal Records Can Keep People Unemployed for Life
Wed, 14 Feb 2018
Potentially, criminal records can keep people unemployed for life. Million have a difficulty finding a job due to their previous criminal record.

The Famous 1971 Hijacking by D.B. Cooper
Wed, 7 Feb 2018
D. B. Cooper. Even after more than 45 years, many are still intrigued by the colorful case of the daring hijack and disappearance of Dan Cooper.

People Search And Background Checks
Sat, 20 Jan 2018
Using a people search engine for running background checks is easy because you are working with a distinct personal-information bank, a people search.

People Search Results
Fri, 19 Jan 2018
People search results contain criminal and public records. People search gives you extensive search with reliable results of personal background.

A USA People Search
Thu, 18 Jan 2018
People search can be used to look for a childhood friend, a workmate, or a former classmate. Here are some other advisable uses for people search.

Missing People
Thu, 18 Jan 2018
Missing people. Every year, thousands of people around the world disappear. They find a lot of these missing people, and many of them are not.

When To Use A People Search Service
Fri, 12 Jan 2018
A people search services provide comprehensive details including professional, legal, government, and corporate information. Reasons to use a people search.

Public Record Search On The Internet
Wed, 6 Dec 2017
Public record search on the Internet. Government sites or information brokers and commercial data compilers offers access to public records at a low cost.

Making A Citizen's Arrest
Thu, 23 Nov 2017
A citizen's arrest is when private individuals can arrest someone without the need for a warrant. This type of arrest is referred to as citizen's arrest.

Keep Your Family Safe
Thu, 23 Nov 2017
SearchUSAPeople.com criminal records search is an online tool that allows you to search for any potential criminals and to keep your family safe.

Tracing People In The United States
Thu, 23 Nov 2017
Tracing people in the United States can be time consuming and it requires a lot of patience and dedication. But there are easy ways to locate people.

The U.S. Census Bureau Statistics
Thu, 23 Nov 2017
The Bureau of Census is an agency of the government which is responsible for the United States Census. What does the U.S. Census Bureau Statistics tell you?

Public Records Available Online
Thu, 23 Nov 2017
Searching for public records online, birth certificates, marriage records, family history, is now made easier than ever because of the Internet.

Organizations Help Out To Find Missing People
Wed, 22 Nov 2017
Organizations in USA helps out to find missing people. These have contributed a lot in terms of making people aware regarding missing persons.

It Is Easy To Use A People Search
Tue, 21 Nov 2017
People search services are like online databases, but for public records like court records, police records, city records, and the like.

DIY Snooping
Tue, 21 Nov 2017
Searching for public records online, birth certificates, marriage records, family history, is now made easier than ever because of the Internet.

Effective Background Check
Mon, 20 Nov 2017
Effective background check, If you want to do a background check to confirm a persons identity there are some things you need to consider.

People Search And Criminal Records
Mon, 20 Nov 2017
What do people search for in criminal records? Is it the information that may provide the real identity of a person or is it to see a person's violent past?

What Is A People Search Websites
Sun, 19 Nov 2017
How does people search engines work? Can you rely on the information you get from the people search websites?

A Safe Neighborhood
Sun, 19 Nov 2017
A safe neighborhood is a crime-free neighborhood. What kinds of people are your neighbors? What is the crime rate? Is your family secure?

Find Out Who Lives At A Street Address
Sun, 19 Nov 2017
Use SearchUSAPeople.com to find out who lives at a street address. Here is a guide how to use the people search to find out a street address.

Searching For Crime Rates The Right Way
Sun, 5 Nov 2017
Doing the safe move: searching for crime rates the right way. There are various ways to look out for information regarding criminal cases.

How To DIY A People Search
Thu, 2 Nov 2017
Whether the target is a potential employee, or a suspicious acquaintance, do a people search yourself, private investigators are too expensive.

Do A Background Search Before You Date
Wed, 13 Sep 2017
Do a background search before you date. The way people see dating now is different from what it was fifty or sixty years ago.

Conduct A Reverse Phone Lookup
Wed, 13 Sep 2017
Conduct a reverse phone lookup and find out the information you need about people in the United States.

Genealogy Records
Wed, 13 Sep 2017
Follow the life ancestors with genealogy records. Tons of personal records and highly-confidential information are released everyday.

How to Search Someone in the USA
Tue, 12 Sep 2017
How to search someone in the USA. Good thing internet gives you an appealing way to find out someone you are looking for.

Genealogy: A Serious Hobby
Tue, 12 Sep 2017
Genealogy is not like other hobbies. It is something to be deeply appreciated for several reasons. Genealogy is a serious hobby.

Reasons To Do A People Search
Mon, 11 Sep 2017
Reasons to do a people search these days. Let's admit it. The world that we live in today is not safe at all.

Crime In The United States vs Other Countries
Sun, 3 Apr 2016
Do people in USA commit more crimes than anywhere else in the world? Well, there is no doubt that the USA is a country at the top of the list.

Hal David and His Collaboration with Burt Bacharach
Tue, 15 Mar 2016 11:00:02 EDT
Hal David and Burt Bacharach, two brilliant and talented personalities created great selections of classic memorable hit songs during their time.

Conduct Unlimited People Searches
Fri, 4 Mar 2016
Conduct unlimited people searches with SearchUSAPeople.com. SearchUSAPeople.com provides a very extensive and comprehensive service.

The Founding Fathers
Sun, 21 Feb 2016
Benjamin Franklin and other people behind the USA have colorful histories but people don't know much about them - The Founding Fathers.

SearchUSAPeople.com - A Private Investigation Service Online
Wed, 17 Feb 2016
To illustrate the usefulness of online investigation, here are 6 core uses and functions of SearchUSAPeople.com - a private investigation service online.

Any Criminal Records on Donald Trump?
Wed, 10 Feb 2016
Donald Trump is a name that is hardly unrecognizable. Considering his high profile, people are wondering - any criminal records on Donald Trump available?

Jamestown, The First Permanent English Settlement in USA
Fri, 5 Feb 2016
Jamestown was known as James Forte, as well as James Cittie and James Towne, and it was the first permanent English settlement in the USA.

A Guide on Searching Information
Fri, 29 Jan 2016
Do you want to find out the telephone number of a harassing caller? Being harassed through phone calls can be very frightening and stressful.

The Search For Gregory Robert Whitehead
Mon, 25 Jan 2016
Gregory Robert Whitehead lured two young girls into his home and gave them alcohol and drugged them and then proceeded to sexually assaulting them.

Most Searched Celebs in 2015
Sun, 3 Jan 2016
People often search for the latest controversies, and gossips about their favorite celebrities. Here is the list of the most searched celebs in 2015.

Who Explorered The Yellowstone National Park?
Sun, 27 Dec 2015
Not one but many were responsible for the making of Yellowstone National Park. The Yellowstone area spans across miles of wilderness across the land.

Find Family And Friends This Christmas
Thu, 10 Dec 2015
Christmas is the season of being together with family and loved ones. Doing a people search online is a way to find old friends and family members.

Spotify Is Making Tons Of Money On Other People's Work
Sun, 24 May 2015
Is Spotify really making a ton of money on other people's work? Spotify tries to explain their payouts technically but the artists lose out in the long run.

15 Celebrities Who Have Survived a Plane Crash
Sun, 17 May 2015
Take a look at this interesting list of celebrities who skirted death in their episodes with plane crashes.

The Porcaro Brothers Contribution To The Music Industry
Sun, 10 May 2015
The Porcaro brothers played with everyone from Cher to Michael Jackson. The three brothers possessed equally strong talents in music playing and creation.

Bushisms: Misunderestimating George W. Bush
Sun, 3 May 2015
It's been many years now since George W. Bush was the president of the United States. He had interesting way with words, more popularly known as Bushisms.

What Happened To The Session Drummer Jim Gordon?
Sun, 26 Apr 2015
Jim Gordon was the number one session drummer in Los Angeles for many years in the 60's and 70's. Jim's sound, groove, time, and feel was incredible.

Re-establishing Ties With Your Long-Lost Relatives
Sun, 15 Mar 2015
It is important to re-establish ties with your family and other long-lost relatives. SearchUSAPeople.com helps you reconnect with your relatives.

Why Sex Offenders Must Register With State Authorities
Sun, 1 Mar 2015
Critical reasons why sex offenders must register with state authorities for years after released from prison. Unfair or is there some logic behind it?

71 killings by the Green River Killer: Fact or Fiction?
Sun, 22 Feb 2015
I want to prove there's 80 bodies out there, or 85 or whatever. These were the words of Gary Ridgway, more popularly known as the Green River Killer.

The Dalton Brothers - Identical To The Original Ones
Sun, 15 Feb 2015
The Dalton Brothers from the Lucky Luke series are actually identical to the original ones. The Dalton Gang were outlaws in the Old West in the 1890s.

No Exceptions In The US Life Imprisonment Sentence
Sun, 1 Feb 2015
The US is quite known for its life sentences. Out of 2000 US residents, 1 individual is currently imprisoned without the hope being set free again.

Child Star Mara Wilson - What Is She Doing Today?
Sun, 25 Jan 2015
Remember Mara Wilson? Fans would recognize her most especially for her role as Natalie Hillard in the film Mrs. Doubtfire. What is Mara doing today?

Albuquerque - Albuquerque's Culture vs. Crime
Sun, 18 Jan 2015
Albuquerque, the largest city in New Mexico, is known as a cultural and political center. However, the city has also become known as a nest of criminals.

Kelly Clarkson - American Idol's Biggest Star"
Sun, 11 Jan 2015
In 2002, Fox released a new talent search show called American Idol where Kelly Clarkson auditioned. Today Kelly Clarkson is American Idol's biggest star.

"Beyoncé: I'm Not Bossy, I Am The Boss."
Sun, 4 Jan 2015
Beyoncé - How come Beyoncé is one of the most influential people in USA? What was her contribution to the world for her to even make it on the list?

Facebook or Face-doom
Sun, 28 Dec 2014
Will facebook survive another 10 years? After it rose to fame 10 years ago, Facebook became the most popular social networking site for people.

Share A Cheer With Christmas Cards, My Dear!
Wed, 17 Dec 2014
There are a lot of things you have to consider before you find people you want to send Christmas cards to and have them receive it in their mailbox.

How Foreigners Legally Can Live and Work in USA
Sun, 14 Dec 2014
A guide on how foreigners legally can live and work in USA. The US government has set standards on how to get in the country for whatever purpose.

Fit for Fits: The Howard Stern Show
Sun, 7 Dec 2014
The Howard Stern show has changed the way radio sounds. The radio show captures the tickle spot of their audience and it works perfectly for them.

The Perfect Example of People Who are Famous for Being Famous
Tue, 2 Dec 2014
Famous people - Have you ever wondered why there are some people who become popular for reasons like being linked to someone who is already famous?

What Attracts Famous People to the Church of Scientology?
Wed, 26 Nov 2014
People like Tom Cruise, John Travolta, and Gloria Swanson have something in common aside from being famous celebrities. The Church of Scientology.

The Strangest Sex Laws In The United States
Sun, 16 Nov 2014
Here is a list of weird sex laws in the USA. Very strange laws. The web site io9.com has drawn together everything that is important in this context.

Wilhelm Canaris - A Legendary Nazi Spy Chief
Sun, 9 Nov 2014
While Wilhelm Canaris was the Nazi Germany's spy chief he opposed Hitler's plans. Canaris took part in several attempted assassinations on Hitler.

The Sentinelese People Are Directly Descended From The First Human
Sun, 2 Nov 2014
The Sentinelese people are thought to be directly descended from the first human. The Sentinelese tribe is the most isolated tribe in the world.

John JR Robinson Is Probably The Most Recorded Drummer
Sun, 12 Oct 2014
John JR Robinson, even if you have no clue about who he is you have heard him play. John is probably the most recorded drummer in history to date.

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