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people search benefits

Benefits of Gathering Facts and Info with a People Search

People search is a service that allows a person to find people and gather information about them. There are many websites that provide this kind of service. One of them is our USA people search website

A few of the details of information that you can get from this type of service are:

  • Home Addresses
  • Telephone Numbers
  • Criminal Records
  • Court Records
  • Income/Salary Information
  • Property Ownership
  • Vehicles
  • Social accounts
  • Birthdays

Even if people search service providers are reliable sources of information, the amount of information they have can also be limited depending on the people who want to remove their information on the web.

Also, using a people search service provider is not the only way to look for people. You can also use various websites and methods. For example, you can look for people in search engines, social media websites, and the white pages.


Most of these providers offer the services free of charge, while some offer limited trials and premium memberships.

You need to give the full name to get started with a search.

Provide precise details to get the most accurate information from the providers. You can also do reverse phone lookup in people search service providers.

People search is an excellent method/tool that you can use for background checks. Background checks are crucial for employers and applicants. People-searching is also useful for those who want to reconnect with old friends, classmates, and relatives.

People Search Versus White Pages

The traditional way of looking for people is using the white pages. The biggest advantages of the white pages versus online people search are:

  • The number of people you can find in white pages is smaller.
  • The people listed are limited to the telephone service provider.
  • The people listed are also limited on the locale where the white pages is published.
  • The amount of time you need to find a person in a white pages is longer.
  • The people listed in the white pages are only the ones with telephones.

Social Media Websites as People Search Tools

People can use social media platforms/websites as people search tools. Social media sites have advantages and disadvantages over people search service providers.

  • Relatives, friends, classmates, or anybody who has up to a third degree connection to you are accessible.
  • You can get more information about a person’s online and social persona.
  • You can see pictures and videos related to the person you are searching.
  • You can know your degree of connection to a person.
  • The information you can get is limited by the person’s social media account privacy settings.
  • You cannot get personal contact, legal, and criminal information.
  • People do not always use their proper name in their social media accounts.
  • A person can have many accounts, which can be intended or not.

Search Engines as People Search Tools

You can use search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo to find people or businesses. Using search engines has its advantages and disadvantages over people search service providers.

The advantages:
  • Search engines also look into free people search websites and social media websites.
  • Search engines give information about online activities outside of social media.
  • Search engines give more refined results depending on your keywords.
The disadvantages:
  • Search engines cannot find people with little digital footprint on the web.
  • Search engines cannot always provide you with correct information about a person.
  • Search engines do not provide legal or criminal information unless it is public.

People Search and Background Checks for Businesses

Gathering facts and info to prevent acceptance of unqualified people. A background check also increases chances of hiring high quality employees. Replacing a bad employee with a better one can cost an employer up to five times more of the salary for the position.

The information from a background check allows prediction of an applicant's future performance. It can also help you verify the truthfulness of the applicant’s claims.

Performing background checks on applicants reduce workplace violence. Workplace violence degrades company reputation, decreases productivity, and adds unnecessary legal expenses. An employee who performs crimes inside the company is a liability.

Background checks attract applicants who want to work in a safe environment. It is also your legal and moral obligation to ensure a safe work environment as an employer.

Background checks deter applicants that hide something unfavorable to the company.

A business loses at least 5% of its yearly revenue caused by internal employee fraud. That 5% can amount to $140,000 up to $1,000,000 in small to medium sized businesses.

It is surprising that at least one of three employees admit of theft against their employer. Note that:

  • 41% of those employees are managers
  • 39% of those employees are regulars
  • 19% of those employees are executives
  • 1% of those are contractual, part-timers, and volunteers

People Search and Background Checks on Applicants

You can check if you know someone or have a connection inside the company you wish to apply. Connections can help you get the job you want. They can also provide you with inside information if the company is a good or bad place to work on.

A background check is an effective method to sniff out fraudulent employers online. It allows you to check if the employer’s claims are valid and true. You can also know if the company or business that the employer has is legitimate and does exist.

Searching an employer online allows you figure out his current financial standing. Estimating the financial capacity of your future employer lets you know if he can pay you. SearchUSAPeople recommends for employee background checks.

People Search and Background Checks for Employees

Employees can rest assured that their co-workers are screened and checked by their employees. They can also feel safer in their work environment, as mentioned before. People search likewise gives you the power to check on your colleagues as well as their backgrounds.

Benefits of People Search for People Looking for Lost Connections

The most convenient way to look for connections online is through people search providers. This was true before the advent and popularity of social media websites. Despite being forgotten as a useful tool for looking for people, people search providers are still the most reliable tool that you can use.

The biggest benefit of people search is to be able to find and connect with people whom you haven’t seen for a long time. This is considered to be the best method to allow you to get in touch with loved ones whom you've lost connections with.

This is also especially important during times of calamities and disasters. Calamities and disasters are the reasons why Google created the Google Person Finder. It is a free service that you can use to track down someone who might have been affected by natural disasters.

Facebook also created a similar functionality in its social media site. It is called Facebook Safety Check or Facebook Crisis Response. However, Google and other social media sites might fail to deliver in this aspect since calamities can disable Internet access of affected people.

People search service providers give its users accurate and reliable contact information and addresses. Those details of information can easily allow you or other people to contact others through phone or deliver aid/visit in person to provide help.

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