Wed, 13 Sep 2017

The Way People See Dating

The way people see dating now is different from what it was fifty or sixty years ago. Previously, dating is always initiated by men and when a man asks a lady for dinner, there is something romantic going on. Timing is also everything - before a man can ask a lady out, at least two-day notice is required. Lastly, if a man asks for a date, it is really a date and the lady must respond politely.

Modern Dating

Today, dating seems like a power battle between a man and a woman. Modern dating is not limited to personal interactions as people are busy with their own lives. Online dating is increasingly becoming a trend because of the race with time. People no longer waste time trying to communicate or get to know other people in real life. Instead they go on online dating sites.

Before learning to do a background search before you date, know first what online dating is and how to deal with online daters safely. Online dating also known as internet dating is a process by which people find and contact people over the internet with the goal to find either a romantic or sexual relationship.

Most online dating sites are for introductory purposes. People provide their profile and if others are interested in them, they can contact the person through information provided in the site. Other sites however provide matchmaking services using algorithms to find the perfect match for you. However, there are sites where everything works with a click or a swipe such as Tinder and OkCupid.

If both agreed to meet in real life, they could just send a message or an email as to the date and time. What online dating offers is convenience. You need not look fancy to have a date. You can choose a partner while wearing sweatpants or last night's pajamas.

Danger With Online Dating

While online dating provides convenience, there is danger with online dating - lying! Statistics show that more than 80% of people misrepresent themselves online. It is a fact that online daters lie in their profile be it in terms of the information they provide or their pictures.

For example, women post a profile picture which was taken twenty years ago. Men lie about their jobs saying that they have a job higher than what they actually have. Generally, they provide information that does not match their true identity. But since the goal of online dating is to have a real life partner, there must be caution in dealing with people you meet online.

Because it is easy to setup a profile online, anyone can look for a date. In fact, even criminals use dating sites to lure their next victim. This is easy because what you provide in your profile is the only thing visible to the person on the other end. This is the reason why if you want to meet a person you've known online, you must be cautious.

Ways To Ensure Your Safety

There are ways which you can ensure your safety when meeting people for the first time such as checking for their online profiles, calling their office, and meeting their friends. However, one of the best ways to have a worry-free date is to do a background search before you date.

After all the flirting done online, the next step is meeting in person assuming that both of you agree to it. But prior to the actual "meeting," there are things you need to do such as conducting a background search. Why is a background search necessary?

First, people lie online. They lie about their looks, job, career, status, and all things that can make them look good virtually. Second, while online dating showed that there are more convenient ways to find a partner, the danger that comes with it also increased dramatically. You can come in contact with criminals or dangerous people through dating sites. Third, you must avoid awkward and humiliating situations.

How To Conduct A Background Search

The next thing you need is how to conduct a background search. If you want to do it yourself, there are a lot of ways such as using search engines, social media, manually checking criminal records, checking their employment profiles, and a lot more. These are tedious as they sound. Don't lose hope though. There are online services which will do the background check for you.

There are USA people search sites such as which provides personal profiles, criminal records, employment history, genealogy, and a lot more. With a little background search, you can save yourself from dangerous people, liars, or people who can harm you. If you have information about the person you will meet, it is more likely that you can have a safe date that you can both enjoy.

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