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Find People In Cities Like:

  • New Orleans
  • Baton Rouge
  • Shreveport
  • Lafayette
  • Lake Charles
  • Kenner
  • Bossier City
  • Monroe
  • Alexandria
  • Houma
  • New Iberia
  • Slidell
  • Central
  • Ruston
  • Sulphur
  • Hammond
  • Natchitoches
  • Gretna
  • Opelousas
  • Zachary

State of Louisiana Total Population:
4,7 Million Residents

Capital City:
Baton Rouge

Largest Cities:
New Orleans: 391,495
Baton Rouge: 227,715
Shreveport: 194,920

Bordering States:
Arkansas, Mississippi, Texas

About Louisiana Public Records

Public records in Louisiana are created, stored, and maintained by state and local government agencies. According to the Louisiana's Public Records Law, public records includes writings, photographs, tapes, recordings, books, maps, drawings, letters, papers, and accounts.

Information like trade secrets, internal security information, teachers social security numbers, medical information, minors police files, and more, may be blocked out.

A Short History Of Louisiana

The Spanish explorer Panfilo de Narvaez was the first from Europe to explore the area in 1528. Louisiana was colonized by the French during the 18th century. The first permanent settlement was the city of Natchitoches. The settlement was established by the French in 1714. Louisiana became U.S. territory as part of the historic Louisiana Purchase in 1803 and was admitted to the union in 1812. Louisiana's capital city is Baton Rouge. It is also home to the historic port city New Orleans, which is famous for its unique cuisine, jazz, and spectacular Mardi Gras festival.