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Searching for people in Maryland? Enter a name and press the search button and our people search will quickly locate and tell you where in Maryland that person lives. The result includes address, telephone number, criminal records, income, property records, and more.

Find People In Cities Like:

  • Baltimore
  • Columbia
  • Germantown
  • Silver Spring
  • Waldorf
  • Glen Burnie
  • Ellicott City
  • Frederick
  • Dundalk
  • Rockville

State of Maryland Total Population:
6 Million Residents

Capital City:

Largest Cities:
Baltimore: 617,734
Columbia: 103,467
Germantown: 90,676

Bordering States:
Delaware, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia

A Short History Of Maryland

Maryland is one of the original 13 colonies. Europeans began to explore the area in 1498. The first settlements came in 1634 when the English arrived and created a permanent colony. In 1776, during the American Revolution, Maryland became a state in the United States. Annapolis is home to the United States Naval Academy. Maryland is the leading producer of blue crabs and is renowned for its crab cakes.