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Finding Jimmy Hoffa

Jimmy Hoffa was a powerful man. Hoffa was the president of the Teamsters labor union from 1958 to 1971. After his disappearance in 1975, no body was found ever since. Jimmy Hoffa was declared legally dead in 1982. Lots of people believed that Jimmy was a victim of a mob hit. Many theories have surfaced about his disappearance, a lot of nonfiction books were written, there were even some few television specials and a Hollywood movie made that was inspired by his story.

What Happened to Jimmy Hoffa?

What happened to Jimmy? Where is he? After being released from prison according to accounts of witnesses, Jimmy was last seen in the parking lot of a restaurant in a Detroit suburb. It was about 2:30 pm on the day of July 30th 1975 when he was seen sitting in his car. Jimmy was supposed to meet Mafia leaders, Anthony Provenzano of New Jersey and Anthony Giacalone of Detroit but neither of them showed up. That night his wife called the authorities he was missing. By July 30 1982, Jimmy Hoffa was declared legally dead.

Hoffa Threatened Tony Pro

Speculations began soon after the explosion of the issue. Newsweek alluded a possible murder motivation. It was said Hoffa was challenging the leadership of Frank Fitzimmons who was then a Teamster head. Another rumor remained concerning Hoffa's mob connections. "Tony Pro" Anthony Provenzano was then a suspect for he was at that moment purported by Hoffa. Hoffa threatened Tony Pro that he shall expose his Mafia links to the Teamsters. During a U.S Senate, a witness testified that Jimmy Hoffa was grinded to pieces and dumped to a swamp in Florida. Most of these sources believed that Hoffa's vanishment is connected to his desire and attempt to take hold of the power in the Teamsters Union.

Other more theories spawned and a man in prison named Donald Frankos confessed that he was involved in a plot to kill Jimmy Hoffa. He said Hoffa's remains were mixed with concrete and was used to build Giants Stadium. Another convicted murderer named Ricky Powell said that Hoffa's body was beneath the two dams in Michigan. More speculations emerged, some believed his remains were at El Dorado Restaurant and Poker Club in California.

Hair Found From Hoffa's Hairbrush

Reporters such as Dan Moldea who spent much of his years writing about Hoffa claimed that it was Salvatore Briguglio, a business agent, who killed the leader of the Teamsters. September of 2001, a breakthrough in the case revealed that a hair taken from Hoffa's hairbrush was found in Charles "Chuckie" O Brien's car. O'Brien is another union member with ties to the Mafia, the day Hoffa disappeared. Hoffa's rise to his position in becoming the Teamsters president was said to have a lot to do with his relationships with mafias and members of organized crime. This also caused him a lot of legal troubles. He was convicted of bribery of a grand juror and was sent to prison for eight years.

Jimmy Hoffa - The Unsolved Mystery

Hoffa may be a victim of a conspiracy, or he may be part of it. Four years after his vanishing, the House Select Commission on Assassinations (HSCA) said that Jimmy Hoffa along with Carlos Marcello and Santos Trafficante had motives to kill Robert Kennedy. Kennedy was the former attorney general and was known to be Hoffa's nemesis because of his determined prosecution of the Teamster leadership. The HSCA sadly had never established any proof of this in either of the assassinations.

Jimmy Hoffa's disappearance was called by author Steven Brill as "the most notorious unsolved mystery of the decade". Jimmy Hoffa was declared legally dead in 1982, but even today, his case remains open. A Special agent of the FBI in Detroit is still assigned to it. Over time, thousands of documents were gathered from wiretaps, surveillance, and interviews but despite of all the efforts, Jimmy Hoffa's disappearance remains a mystery.

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