Mon, 25 Jan 2016

The Search For Gregory Robert Whitehead

When the question of who is to blame for rape is raised, a heated discussion within the society divides the people into two. It is an on-going argument and unfortunately, no one can answer it without bias. Everyone has pretty strong opinions on this matter.

Some (idiots) say that women are the ones to blame. The provocative outfits they wear catch a man's attention. They say the tiny shorts and the tight tank tops just mean that they are asking for it. It leaves no room for the imagination and it incites sexual urges for whoever sees it. In other words, by showing skin, a woman tempts men and in the end it's her fault when they give in to that temptation.

Majority of the people are enraged with this idea because they insist that it is the man's fault. He is to blame for what he did to woman, no matter what clothes she was wearing. A man is a perfectly capable person who can discern the right from wrong. Seeing a woman in revealing clothes should not cloud his judgments because he knows better than to use another human being just to release sexual frustrations.

This discussion is far from over because no party would be willing to step down and admit defeat. There are protests everywhere, women that would prove to the society that rape is never the woman's fault but there are still those who cannot be swayed. However, on a question of similar nature, society is united in pointing only one party to blame. When it comes to pointing responsibility for crimes against children, when a pedophile lays his hand on the child, who is to blame?

Unanimously, the answer would be the predator. The child is innocent, too young to even be allowed to know of the horrors of the world she lives in. The predator is conscious of what he is does, he plans his actions, and pre-meditates on it.

The Innocence Of Children

Children are defenseless and know nothing of the dangers of being around predators. They have no idea about it and are not provoking any kind of sexual urges because children are always fully clad. There are thousands of child abuse cases all across the globe. Children get kidnapped, turned into sex slaves, and are held captive for years. Usually these victims are no longer found alive because the predators would murder them and hide their bodies in hopes of not being found out.

Everyday there is at least on child who gets maltreated and sexually abused. Usually by the people who reside with or near them. The friendly neighbor façade works so the predator can watch the children live their innocent lives. That way, he can study the children's habits and keep an eye on them. He would devise a plan on how he can take the child without being caught. It takes a lot of patience but it pays off for him because he gets the child.

The Gregory Robert Whitehead Case

In Gregory Robert Whitehead's case, he allegedly lured two young girls into his home by telling them he is in need of housecleaning services. Once the two girls were inside the house, Whitehead supposedly gave them alcohol and drugged them. Soon, he proceeded to sexually assaulting them.

He was supposed to be arrested back in 2008 for the crimes he did. During the hearings of the case, he failed to show up and he disappeared into hiding. There was a federal warrant issued for his arrest because he left to avoid prosecution. Up to this day, the FBI is still in search of Whitehead. 7 years later, no one has given information to his whereabouts. He has successfully evaded the law. He got away with allegedly sexually assaulting two young girls.

This shows that sometimes, the people who have a debt to pay to justice and the law can live peacefully in hiding. As long as he moves to a state where his neighbors don't know him and know nothing of what he did before. This means that the friendliest of neighbors who recently moved into your neighborhood can be hiding something about themselves. They can be predators, molesters, sexual offenders that escaped from the law. You wouldn't know anything about it.

Without knowing who that man is and just letting him be, you are putting your children in danger. He can live near you and watch your children this time. He may not do anything now, but who is to say that one day he wouldn't pick your children up on their way home to school? They recognize him that's why they wouldn't run or call for help. They know him as the neighbor and would easily come with him. Not knowing what kind of sick plan he has for them. Before you even know who took your children, it would have been too late. All because you were so complacent and you trusted the new neighbor.

A Necessary Precaution

If you have someone that suddenly moved into your neighborhood, keep an eye on him. Is he watching your children? Is he too nice, too charming? Don't be fooled, usually these predators are great at tricking people into thinking they are harmless. That's the trick.

The best thing for you to do is a quick background check on your new neighbor at You can search for a person's details on our website. You will get a full report on a person's criminal history and so much more. This way, you can make sure that the man across the street isn't hiding from the FBI.

The fact that a person can do that to a child speaks volumes about his values and integrity. If he gets away from the law when he did it once, what would stop him from doing it again? They won't be stopped unless someone finds out and points the authorities to their whereabouts. Making sure that your neighbors don't have any criminal history will protect you and your family away from possible danger. So keep yourself informed, be certain that the friendly neighbor is exactly who he says he is.

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