Sun, 17 May 2015

Celebrities Who Skirted Death

Experts say that it is more likely that you get into a car accident than a plane accident. Everyone knows that sometimes the odds are against them. Celebrities are no different. Take a look at this interesting list of celebrities who skirted death in their episodes with plane crashes.

1. Harrison Ford (1999 & 2015)

Harrison Ford survived not one but two plane crashes. In 1999, he was forced into an emergency landing when his helicopter crashed north of Los Angeles. Fortunately, neither he nor his flight instructor was hurt. His second crash happened more recently last March 5, 2015. Harrison was hospitalized when his vintage fighter plane crashed into a golf course in Venice, California. He was reported to have gashes on his head and body but was otherwise fine.

2. Bono (2014)

The rear door of Bono's private plane tore off while he flew with four friends from Dublin to Berlin. The tailgate at the rear end of the plane detached an hour into the flight. Thankfully, the plane safely landed in Berlin with only the 2 suitcases that flew off as casualties.

3. Miranda Lambert (2014)

The country music singer's private jet was forced to make an emergency landing in West Virginia. While flying from New York to Nashville, the aircraft reportedly lost cabin pressure forcing the pilot to make the descent. None of the passengers were hurt.

4. Jackson Rathbone (2014)

Jackson Rathbone is more popularly known by Wizards as Alice Cullen's love interest, Jasper Hale. He was travelling with his wife and 2-year-old son when their JetBlue flight made an emergency landing in California. The plane was carrying 142 passengers when one of its two engines failed, forcing the plane to reverse from its original course to Austin. Four passengers were treated but no one was seriously injured.

5. Paul McCartney (2012)

The Beatle and his wife, Nancy Shavell, were flying home from East Sussex, England when the pilot flying their helicopter became disoriented and nearly crashed into woods. He missed their home's landing pad and narrowly missed colliding with the trees by a mere 2 feet. The helicopter landed successfully at a nearby airport instead.

6. Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore (2009)

Before their marriage crashed (excuse the pun), the pair was in a near plane crash. Their aircraft made an emergency landing in Las Vegas after an engine overheated. No one was hurt as revealed by Ashton Kutcher when he tweeted "My plane just had to do an emergency landing. Engine over heated. Fire engines everywhere good times." Moore also tweeted saying ""Yep! It's always an adventure in Vegas, emergency landing and all!"

7. DJ Am and Travis Barker (2008)

Adam Goldstein (more famously known as DJ AM) and Travis Barker were both critically injured in a private plane crash in South Carolina. The plane never left the ground while taking off, instead overrunning the runway and striking an antenna ray and lights. The plane caught fire on impact. The crash left the 2 other passengers and 2 crew members dead, and Barker and AM badly burnt. AM suffered facial burns while Barker was suffered second and third degree burns from the waist down. Both eventually made a full recovery.

8. Barack Obama (2008)

When Senator Barack Obama was still campaigning to be President Barack Obama, his aircraft collided with another on the ground at the Midway Airport in Chicago. Fortunately, the other aircraft was unoccupied and nobody got hurt.

9. Ed Robertson (2008)

The lead singer for the band Barenaked Ladies was on a Cessna floatplane that crashed near Ontario. He was with his wife Natalie and their friends, Julie and Jeff Jones. Roberston was flying the plane when it stalled prompting him to land it in the trees. They were forced to exit through the windows but nobody got seriously hurt.

10. P. Diddy (2005)

Sean Comb AKA P. Diddy's plane was struck by lightning on his way to a meeting in Miami. The aircraft was forced to make an emergency landing in Palm Beach but Diddy still made it to his meeting on time.

11. Wilmer Valladerma (2003)

Valladerma was flying back to Hollywood from a Mardi Gras weekend with Ashton Kutcher and Colin Hanks when the 11-seater plane began to lose pressure. An auxiliary power unit malfunctioned and the plane depressurized. It was also reported that the plastic covering the emergency exit flew across the plane and the masks dropped down. Everyone on the plane survived.

12. Sandra Bullock (2000)

Sandra Bullock was on a chartered business jet to Wyoming from Texas when it crashed as it attempted to land. Reports say that visibility conditions were reduced making the landing difficult. The aircraft skidded and landed parallel to the runway. It was heavily damaged but Sandra, the other passenger and the two crew members escaped unhurt.

13. Patrick Swayze (2000)

Dirty Dancing actor Patrick Swayze was forced to make an emergency landing in a housing development when flying his plane in Arizona. He was flying from California to New Mexico when his aircraft had a pressurization problem. He crashed into a stop sign and a street lamp before finally emerging from his plane safely.

14. Ben Cauley (1967)

Ben Cauley, the Bar-Kays' trumpet player is the only survivor of the crash that killed 8 passengers, including Otis Redding and the band's 3 other members. The small plane crashed nose first in Lake Monona on the way to Madison, Wisconsin. Cauley did not know how to swim and was stuck in the freezing waters holding onto a seat cushion until a police boat arrived. He suffered hypothermia and shock but fully recovered.

15. Clint Eastwood (1950s)

Clint Eastwood hitched a free ride on a military bomber that crashed into the ocean during his military training. According to Eastwood at an interview for the Loyola Marymount University School of Film & TV, "Everything went wrong. Radios went out. Oxygen ran out. And finally we ran out of fuel up around Point Reyes, California, and went in the ocean." They swam in the cold November waters that he eventually found out was a breeding for white sharks.

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