Sun, 11 Jan 2015

Kelly Clarkson - The First American Idol

Kelly Clarkson once worked in Six Flags, then a waitress in a comedy bar and was a Red Bull girl, who gives out free samples during events. Now, she's a chart-topping singer-songwriter.

In 2002, Fox released a new talent search show called American Idol. Where Kelly Clarkson auditioned and became part of the 10,000 lucky contestants. Kelly stayed on top of her game - song after song and dodging bullets in elimination rounds. Her vocal prowess and star quality performances, earned her a spot on the final 2. She won the hearts of America and eventually won the title, defeating Justin Guarini.

Kelly Clarkson After American Idol

Since then, Kelly Clarkson appeared on TV shows such as "The Voice" and "Duets". She also had endless tours, a Toyota commercial and sang in President Obama's inauguration. Forbes released the list of top earning American Idol alums, where she reclaimed the top spot with an estimated income of $8 million and became Kelly Clarkson - American Idol's biggest star.

While fellow American Idol alumni, Carrie Underwood and Chris Daughtry, are placed second earning $5 million each. Forbes Magazine also pointed out that Kelly Clarkson is earning as much as Nicki Minaj when she was a judge on American Idol Season 12 and earns twice the amount country singer and American Idol judge, Keith Urban, has earned on the same season.

Numerous Awarda

After her big win, she released her first single, "A Moment Like This" that topped the Billboard Charts on the same year. In 2003, she released her first album, Thankful - releasing another chart topping single, "Miss Independent". By 2004, she released her second album, Breakaway. The album released a handful of hit songs that earned her 2 Grammy Awards in 2005.

Her third album, My December, has "too much negative vibe" that her producer didn't approve of and predicted that it's not going to sell as much as her other albums. With that, she fired her management and cancelled her tour. By late June 2007, the album was released. She admitted that she regret having a feud with her producer, who has been a key advisor and played an important part to her success.

Kelly Clarkson released her fourth album, All I Ever Wanted in 2009. Followed by Stronger in 2011, that reached gold sales and in 2012, she released her first greatest hit album plus a Christmas album released last year. She received numerous awards that totalled to 62 awards won and 142 award nominations.

American Idol's Biggest Star

It's no surprise that, Kelly Clarkson - American Idol's biggest star, tops every list - may it be with her songs or her estimated income. Her talent and hard work keep her on top, and she's ready to give her all when she performs. She may experience negative comments and nasty rumors, and yet she continues to show everyone that it's not going to affect her career and personal life.

Though she refused to go back to become American Idol Season 14's judge, they are still hopeful that she'll reconsider. With a recent tour all wrapped up and an upcoming album, rumoured to be released on 2015, Kelly still shines the brightest and continues to outrun other Idol alumni.

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