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The Jazz Legend Toots Thielemans

The entertainment industry recognizes Toots Thielemans as a genius of jazz music on harmonica. He announced his retirement during his show at De Roma. Thielmans is 91 years old and his health status deters his stage performance.

Veerle Van de Poel, the musician's agent, disclosed that his endurance might not be enough to complete an entire concert. His manager had to cancel his scheduled gigs in Antwerp. The artist needs to have time for relaxation, out of the limelight. He would like to sit back and enjoy the success he achieved from his music career.

Toots Plays Accordion, Guitar, And Harmonica

Born Jean-Baptiste Frederic Isiodore Thielemans in Belgium, the artist had the inclination to music at an early age. At three years old, he studied the accordion. Later, he learned to play guitar by himself. Thielemans soon tried the harmonica, which become his primary instrument.

Thielemans started as a guitar player. He gained his break in the music scene in 1950. Benny Goodman, a jazz musician, requested Thielemans' company in his European tour.

Bluesette Is Thielemans Most Renowned Composition

Later, Thielemans went to United States and performed with Charlie Parker.

His most renowned composition was the "Bluesette" which combines melody from whistling and strings of guitar. The public accepted his unique music, earned him a distinction as a professional whistler. He created a harmony of whistling and harmonica for the radio and television commercial of Old Spice cologne.

Toots Thielemans, Quincy Jones, Sinatra, Fitzgerald

Thielemans played his harmonica for various film classics and television series. His notable works include the music of Midnight Cowboy and Sesame Street. He collaborated with different artist like Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra and Quincy Jones.

He celebrated his 90th birthday via a world tour despite the decline in his health condition. Thielemans continued to explore and hone his music. He believed that his advantage over the younger generation of musicians is the emotions he put in his music. His experience and maturity are the key factors to his soulful renditions.

Toots Thielemans Legacy

Thielemans received an honor in 2009 from the National Endowment for the Arts Jazz Master Fellowship. King Albert II bestowed him the status of a baron in Belgium.

The minister of Brussels acknowledges his enormous contribution to music. Likewise, the Prime Minister of Belgium has expressed his appreciation for Thielemans' music. Many people agree that Thielemans deserves to rest after his splendid career.

His music will be his legacy to the world. Thielemans exemplified passion and dedication to his craft. He created wonderful years of music, gaining the reputation as the greatest jazz artist. He inspires the artists in the entertainment industry with his exceptional music. His friends worked to create an e-book The Sound of Toots Thielemans. The online material includes a narrative of his productive life and video clips. The young and the future generation will have the opportunity to appreciate his works.

Thielemans life transitioned from a simple boy of Brussels to an internationally acclaimed artist. He expresses his heartfelt thanks to his supporters, viewers, fellow artist and the world for the chance to share his talent. He can reminisce the challenges and victories encountered in his seventy-year career.

22 August 2016. Celebrated Belgian jazz musician Toots Thielemans dies aged 94

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