Sun, 21 Sep 2014

Malcolm Young Is Serious Ill

Fans of Australian rock band AC/DC were disappointed when news spread that the group's founder and guitarist Malcolm Young is currently going through a serious illness.

The news came as a blow to die-hard AC/DC fans worldwide who are hoping for a new album and a world tour this year. According to reports, the legendary guitarist is so ill that performing live and recording is impossible for him. Some of the band's closest peers even hinted that Malcolm Young will probably never return to AC/DC.

AC/DC Was Founded By Malcolm And Angus Young

AC/DC was founded by brothers Malcolm Young and Angus Young in 1973. The band is famous for playing in school uniform and is considered as one of the highest-selling rock bands of all time. Their 1980 album Back in Black, which was released as a tribute to late lead vocalist Bon Scott, sold an estimated 50 million copies worldwide.

Malcolm Young Will Never Return To ACDC

In February, singer Brian Johnson told fans that they wanted to do a "40-gig, 40-show" tour to commemorate the group's 40th anniversary. This tour, according to Johnson, was also the band's way to thank their fans for their undying loyalty that they've shown them through years.

There had been speculations as to whether the band will ever make their anniversary tour and release the promised new album after the announcement of Young's illness. For some of the band's closest associates, Malcolm Young will probably never return to ACDC as he is deemed too ill to even perform or record an album.

According to the band's friend and Choirboys front man Mark Gable, Malcolm Young is very sick at the moment that it's unlikely he will be able to rock on stage again. While he believed that the plans for the anniversary tour may still push through, Gable also mentioned the band's rumored pact that if one member of the band left, AC/DC would end.

Only Malcolm Young's Family And Doctors Know What's Going

As if news reports from the media aren't enough, AC/DC's biographer Jesse Fink recently expressed his opinions regarding Young's impending retirement. Fink, who is known for writing The Youngs: The Brothers Who Built AC/DC, spoke exclusively to Loudwire about Malcolm Young's present condition.

"I never said he would never return. I said I'm giving my opinion and my opinion is I'm not personally expecting Malcolm Young to return to the band," said Fink. While gossip and music outlets were twisting his earlier opinion as a definitive fact, Fink told Loudwire that the only people who really know what's going on are Malcolm Young's family and doctors.

Fink has been unable to contact Malcolm Young and the rest of the band members for a first-hand explanation of Young's condition. The Young family has been mum about the status of the legendary rocker's debilitating illness while Young's nephew Stevie Young is currently stepping in for the guitarist to finish recording their album in the studio.

Malcolm's Brother Angus Young Will Never Retire

Meanwhile, former AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd has shrugged off rumors that the band is ceasing. In an interview in Melbourne, Rudd confirmed that AC/DC co-founder "Angus Young will never retire" and so will he. Rudd also mentioned that Angus Young is currently writing all the songs for their new album, and that Stevie Young might fill in for Malcolm during the planned world tour.

Malcolm Young - In A Nursing Home

Malcolm is in full-time care in a nursing home facility specialising in dementia. It it very sad that Malcolm Young no longer is able to remember his own guitar riffs that made his band AC/DC immortal.

Article Updated - Malcolm Young Dies at 64

Article updated: Malcolm Mitchell Young (6 January 1953 - 18 November 2017)

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