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Babe Ruth

The Baseball Legend Babe Ruth

George Herman Ruth Jr., more popularly known as Babe Ruth and nicknamed the Bambino, and the Sultan of Swat is one of the best baseball players in the whole history of baseball. Babe Ruth is known for his outstanding major league career record with 714 home runs. Much to his influence the baseball game earned its popularity worldwide, making him one of the legends in the sport.

Babe Ruth Was Born in Baltimore

Babe Ruth was born on February 6, 1895 at his grandmother's home in Baltimore, Maryland. His parents Kate and George Sr. were owners of a bar that served as also their home. The early life of Babe Ruth was a challenge to biographers. Ruth was never vocal in interviews when asked about his childhood. The Ruth's had eight children but sadly only Babe Ruth and his sister Mary survived after infancy. There is little known about Ruth's parents. His father who was quick-tempered was said to have been good at business. His mother who had always been a mystery died at the age of 39 and according to her death certificate, she died of "exhaustion".

As a child, Ruth was always described as rowdy and unruly. Trouble was his last name and he was often caught skipping school, fighting, drinking and committing foolish crimes. When his parents couldn't control the young Ruth, they sent their son to a school for troubled boys. St. Mary's came to be his home and for four long years he stayed and only left in 1908. Ruth returned two years later when his mother died.

Babe Ruth's Life in School

Life of Babe Ruth in St. Mary's wasn't easy. Orphanages and life in schools like St. Mary's were not always properly funded; the food was scarce and sometimes rotten. Teachers used corporal punishment in disciplining students. Students were made to work hard. Instead of focusing in academics or religious training owing to its being a catholic institution, St. Mary's taught children skills that would later land them a job such as woodworking, shoemaking, and gardening.

Brother Matthias Taught Babe Ruth Baseball

Ruth's love for baseball was known to have been cultivated by the biggest hero in Ruth's life whose name was Brother Matthias. Brother Matthias was the guy in charge of making the students behave and the hero who taught him baseball. Brother Matthias practiced everyday with Ruth and taught him how to field, hit and throw the ball. Ruth found what he was good at, what he loved. Not long enough Babe Ruth became St. Mary's baseball star. Baseball turned as an obsession and his life. He even played for amateur teams outside of the school and had many a victory.

George Herman Ruth Jr., Signed a Contract with the Baltimore Orioles and Became Famous as Babe Ruth

The community started to distinguish Ruth's talent and local newspapers wrote stories about him. Ruth's greatness in baseball was starting to spread and soon it arrived the ears of Jack Dunn, owner of the Baltimore Orioles. After watching Ruth play for less than an hour, he offered him to sign a contract. Jack Dunn became Ruth's legal guardian and the Oriole players started to call Ruth "Jack's newest babe". From that moment on George Herman Ruth was called as the Babe.

Babe Ruth started to play for Dunn and the Orioles. He played well for the team and it led Jack Dunn to send him to the Boston Red Sox. After five games with the Red Sox, Babe Ruth won his major league title on July 11, 1914. His first season in 1916 was a success with a 23-12 campaign. It was followed by a 24-13 and winning 35 complete games in 38 starts.

By 1918, Ruth played as a pitcher in 20 games scoring a 13-7 record with a 2.22 ERA. It was after that year that Babe started to outfield more and pitch less. After 4 grand slams and a 29 home run record, Red Sox manager Ed Barrow decided that Babe Ruth was more useful as an outfielder.

Babe Ruth, New York Yankees, Boston Braves

In December 1919 Babe Ruth was sold to the New York Yankees, where he became a full time outfielder who would control the games. Babe Ruth was officially a baseball superstar and his popularity came with the Yankees who were then the dominant and most recognizable team in baseball. With Ruth's help, the Yankees achieved seven pennants and four titles in the World Series. After retiring from the Boston Braves, Babe set a shocking 56 major league records and his famous 714 homeruns.

Babe Got Cancer

It was in the fall of 1946 when Babe was discovered with a malignant tumor on his neck which would then cause his untimely death. He died on August 16, 1948 and hundreds of thousands of people came to St. Patrick's Cathedral to pay their respects and celebrate the glorious life of Babe Ruth.

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