Sun, 7 Dec 2014

Fit for Fits: The Howard Stern Show

The Howard Stern Show is an American radio show hosted by (of course) Howard Stern. It first aired in Philadelphia under WYSP in 1986 where it grew in popularity among men ages 18 and above. After years of radio broadcast, it became an exclusive radio show online via Sirius XM Radio. It has been airing for 28 years - and is still going.

If you will ask the program's avid listeners about why people listen to the Howard Stern Show, they will all give a simple answer: the show is entertaining.

Howard Stern Show - An Indecent Show

Ever since the show began, the target audience has been adult males. By definition of the show, you are of legal age if you are 18. Most talks on this program are geared towards men in the entertainment industry and sex that is why strict parental guidance is advised when listening to the show.

However, this is not really followed by the listeners and, in a way of putting it, the radio station has no medium of controlling who listens to the program or not. Even though it is aired during Saturday late nights, people under 18 have been known to listen to this radio show.

It is no wonder that from 1990 until early 2000s, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has penalized the Howard Stern Show a total of $2.5 million for airing an "indecent show". In spite of this, the program has retained its top rating under its category. Controversy sparks interest as proved by the Howard Stern Show.

Co-host Robin Quivers

Howard Stern is known for his dirty yet witty remarks. He is the strong point in the program (otherwise, it will not be coined under his name). He is not the only one on the show, though. Co-host Robin Quivers also adds spice and flavor to the show by bringing timely commentaries and "supposedly" updated news. From these reports, topics are discussed by the hosts and are voted for by the listeners over the phone.

There are also instances when Howard and Robin engage callers in a live conversation. Other radio talents such as Gary Dell'Abate (also known as Baba Booey - now the executive producer of "The Wrap Up Show") and Billy West shared airtime with Stern to add mix of comedy and radio action.

What makes The Howard Stern Show more popular is their creation of the "Wack Pack". These are a group of people who are featured on the show for their uniqueness. The listeners find them entertaining even though they do not try to be funny, and the genuineness of the act is why people listen to the Howard Stern Show all the more.

Howard Stern Has Changed The Way Radio Sounds

Looking at the years the Howard Stern Show braved on air, it is no wonder that other radio shows have been patterned after the Howard Stern Show flow. The Howard Stern Show will not have lasted for 28 years if people do not like what the show is doing. The show captures the tickle spot of their audience and it works perfectly for them.

Will they last for more than 28 years? The fans are hoping so. This radio has built a legacy that has changed the way radio sounds. Hopefully, the producers and staff of the show will be able to come up with more surprises for avid listeners not just in the US but also around the world.

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