Sun, 8 Jun 2014

David Letterman

David Letterman has been hosting a late-night show for more than three decades. He started as talk show host of the program Late Night with David Letterman in 1982. During the recent episode, he informed the viewers about his forthcoming retirement sometime next year.

Career at the Outset

Letterman started his career in the entertainment when he became a broadcaster at WBST, a campus radio station. The station terminated his services because of disrespect to classical music. Then, he established a new campus station. Paul Dixon, a television talk show host was his inspiration to pursue a hosting job.

His professional career began as a weatherman of a television (TV) program in Indianapolis. He injected comedy in the reporting of weather updates. In 1975, they moved to Los Angeles where he became a standup comedian.

Jimmie Walker who hired him as a comedy writer discovered Letterman's talent on stage. Television launched his hosting career through the program The Riddlers. The scout for the program The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson was impressed with his humor. He appeared in the show as a regular guest host.

Morning Show

Letterman hosted his comedy show, aired in a 90-minute morning time slot at National Broadcasting Company (NBC). NBC cut the airtime to 60 minutes after two months of airing. The show earned two Emmy Awards but failed to perform well in the ratings. The station decided to cancel the program on October 1980.

Late Night Show

NBC resume his hosting job through a late night TV show. The program aired from Monday to Thursday at 12:30 a.m., after The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson. Letterman gained following due to his unique approach in comedy.

Johnny Carson retired in 1992 and replaced by Jay Leno. The incident prompted Letterman to transfer to CBS Broadcasting, a rival network. CBS introduced the Late Show with David Letterman, pitted against Jay Leno's The Tonight Show. Leno's talk show outperforms Letterman's program in the ratings. However, Letterman has a higher rank in the yearly Harris Poll of Nation's Favorite TV Personality.


David Letterman's late-night legacy includes the bond he created with his viewers. He revealed his struggles and challenges to the public. Many people have witnessed his battle with a heart surgery in 2000. Letterman also admitted his extramarital affair that led to the threat of extortion.

His humor will remain with the entertainment world long after he retires. More than the laughter shared to entertain his audience, he has touched the hearts of his avid supporters. He displayed the human frailty and triumph over controversies. Letterman earned the respect of his colleagues and supporters.

His exceptional humor is an encouragement for broadcasters and comedians in the industry. He defined comedy in an unconventional way. Letterman paved the way for parody and sarcastic means of delivering fun to his viewers. He devised innovation in monologues and interviews of popular personalities. People will remember the unquestionable influence and connection he has built.

David Letterman's late-night legacy will live on despite the wrap up of his hosting career.

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