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Find Out the Telephone Number of a Harassing Caller

Do you want to find out the telephone number of a harassing caller? Being harassed through phone calls can be very frightening and stressful invasions that could ever happen to your private life. Receiving unwanted phone calls is just a minor problem compared with threatening phone calls. Great news! There are many ways on how to find out the telephone number of a harassing caller.

  • A caller is harassing you when you receive a call using threatening language, breathing heavily or the silence over the phone intimidates you. It is against the law in some states to make threatening or obscene calls.

  • A phone call is considered a harassment if you receive one unwelcome phone call. However, a local company will not take any actions on the incident if it is not frequent. But if that one single call threatens you and the rest of your family members with bodily harm, the phone company will proceed to immediate actions. This is preventing it from happening again and this is to protect you.

  • Once you have received harassing calls, the first thing to do is contact your local phone companies. Ask them if they have policies such as what is the initial step - if it is to call the police first or to discuss the situation with the phone company. Some policies will tell you to contact their business office and discuss the matter with the right person. Expect to be connected to the "annoyance desk." Some local phone companies will request you to go to your local law enforcement and file a formal complaint before they take any actions. In order to know the policies, just go directly to the business office and request for assistance. If in case the threats are grave and your life or your family is at stake or even your property, contact the police and file a report immediately.

  • Your local phone company can do something about receiving harassing calls. If the calls have been particularly threatening and frequent, the phone company can install in your phone line a "Trap." This will allow the company to find out the telephone number of a harassing caller and where the calls are coming from. You must do your part through taking note of the date and time of the harassing calls once you received it. Usually, these companies will set-up the trap for only two weeks. Do not worry about the fee because this added service, setting up a trap will not be charged to your phone bill.

  • Expect that not all phone companies can solve your harassing call problems because callers are sometimes smart to use several phone lines or a phone booth. The law enforcement officials will not have a chance to know the identification for further actions. In situations like these, it is highly advisable that you change your phone number right away. Plus you need to request your number to be unpublished and unlisted in the directories or in any search engines.

  • If you are receiving threatening calls as a part of a pattern of abuse like stalking, it is best to use the strategy called, "pressure valve." Experts suggest that you get yourself a new phone number but you will keep the phone number working that is being called by your harasser. Attach in the unit of the phone is a voice mail machine. Turn off the ringer of the phone line. Avoid using the phone line for other purposes other than your goal in capturing the phone number of the harasser. Your harasser will think that the phone line is still working but in fact you are only gathering evidences. You can even record the calls. Once you have a new number, make sure that you only give it to trusted relatives and friends.

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