Wed, 13 Sep 2017

Conduct A Reverse Phone Lookup And Find Out The Information You Need

Have your ever looked at your phone and saw a missed call from a number you don't recognize? If the answer is Yes, then you definitely need to conduct a reverse phone lookup and find out the information you need. With a reverse phone lookup, you'll be able to find out who that phone number is registered to, and where they're located.

While most mobile and land-line phones today have caller ID, the information that they provide to their users aren't as comprehensive as what reverse lookup services provide. Here are a few scenarios where you might find reverse phone lookups useful:

  • When you see that you received a missed call from someone named Edward Sykes at 501-555-3425. Who exactly is he and where is he located?

  • You're going through the notes on your notepad and you find that you've written a phone number with no name to go with it. You forgot who that number belongs to. Is it from an important contact that you should be adding to your phone book?

  • You've been getting prank calls all morning. It came to a point where the calls are becoming abusive and more frequent. You want to gather enough information so that you could report them to the proper authorities.

  • You phone bill has arrived and you see several calls to an unknown number. Did you or any family member make these calls and just forgot about them or are these calls made in error?

So how does reverse phone lookup came to be and how does it work? Even before the Internet was invented, phone service providers published reverse phone directories. These reverse phone directories listed the phone numbers and addresses for registered residences and businesses. However, the listings do not include unlisted numbers, faxes, and mobile phones.

These published phone directories became a thing of the past when the Internet was conceived. Today, these reverse phone directories function more like a search engine. All you have to do is type the phone number that you want to look up in the search field to see the results. There are many free reverse phone lookup services online.

  • This reverse phone lookup service provides information such as to whom the number is registered to and their address, phone type (landline or cell) and the owners criminal history. The database they use covers around 180 million people in the USA.

  • - Yes, that's right. Google can also be used as a reverse phone lookup tool. We all know that is the king when it comes to search engines. If anything is posted online, it's likely that Google already indexed it. This includes phone lists and databases as well. Type in the phone number that you want to do a reverse lookup on in Google and it'll give you many search results. Results typically include the phone number owner's name and their exact address with a detailed map of the location through Google Maps. International numbers can also be searched since Google indexes online information worldwide. Unlisted numbers can also be searched, albeit not all. also provides additional information to the user. However, these extra services are not free.

Reverse phone lookup services are indeed a valuable tool to help you get more information about a contact. So next time you get a call from an unknown number or you forgot who that particular number belonged to, just remember to perform a reverse phone lookup.

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