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Oftentimes, there are certain circumstances that call for a quick research about a person's personal background, work, hometown, current location is social media. However, if the person you're trying to investigate has closed all his or her accounts to public view, then you're in total bad luck. Fortunately, to help you solve this issue, there are certain sites that allow you to have an access to an extensive database of personal information about people in the US.

Some of the key benefits of using a private investigation service website would include low cost, peace of mind, confidentiality and convenience. To illustrate the usefulness of online investigation, here are 6 core uses and functions of - a private investigation service online:

  • Finding a distant relative. A lot of people in the US may have a distant relative living at a distant state. If communication has been long cut and you want to get the details and whereabouts of your family, using - a private investigation service online, can be a good option for it. Facebook can be an alternative, but it won't give you more precise, extensive and accurate results than a private investigation service site.

  • Background check about your child's company. Thanks to technology, you can now ensure that your child hangs out with the good company. Make sure that they have no criminal records or suspicious family background. You can also apply this to the people involved in your child's school environment. This is an important step in securing your child's safety.

  • Investigating your potential nanny or house helper. Letting someone in your house is an important decision, so it is important to screen potential nanny or house helper carefully before hiring to ensure utmost security. You may never know what a person can be, especially when it comes to people who will spend time with your kids. Make sure that the nanny has no pending complaints from previous employers.

  • To see if your spouse is having an extra-marital relationship. Suspicions can always be present in any marriage or even relationships; hence, to give you peace of mind and help you feel at ease, you can conduct a quick online research about a certain person of interest. You will know about the basic details like age, address, work information and many other valuable information.

  • When conducting an investigation about a suspicious person. In the event that you encounter someone whom you're having doubts with, an investigative online site can be useful to validate personal information.

  • Checking the legitimacy of a person's credentials. When you're dealing with a professional, or someone who claims to be one, there's no better way to ensure validity than to conduct a quick research. An extensive private website can give you wider and more precise results than Facebook or Google, if you're even lucky to dig some details.

  • To make sure you're transacting with the right person. When you're handling a business, or often talking to external clients, the best way to ensure legitimacy of the qualifications is to check his personal information. You have to do this before signing agreements, or going into a signed partnership with someone you don't really know about. It is better to take preventive measures than to engage yourself on more damaging problems.

Make sure you went through important details like legal information, billing and privacy issues. Ensure that your identity is confidential, and that the sources of the website are credible. More importantly, do not use the personal information for unlawful purposes, because it can be grounds for criminal offense. Run a USA people search now!

What about Pre-employment investigation. For most companies, this is a very basic protocol before letting the person on board. Usually, the process involves an actual on site background check. However, if the person will be taking a trivial position in the company, a quick background check will suffice. An investigation can also help you get or validate the basic information about the person you are about to hire. From the educational background, to the previous experiences, a consumer reporting agency can definitely help you speed up the hiring process.

Have in mind that to do a background check for the purpose of hiring an employee is governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act ("FCRA") and should be purchased from a consumer reporting agency as defined in the FCRA. Do not use a people search website for the purpose to check an employees background.

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