Sun, 05 Nov 2017

Doing The Safe Move: Searching For Crime Rates The Right Way

Here is the scenario. You're a newlywed couple, trying to get out of your parents' house. So, to make a sensible move, you will be looking for that neighborhood where you can easily get a job or open a business. You've found the perfect house that fits right in your budget and you moved in right away. You got everything settled with your spouse and it feels like you could live there for the rest of your life together with your future children.

The thought goes through your head and as you get by during your first day of making money, you're suddenly being held at gun point with someone asking you "hand over the money."

So where did it go wrong? It always makes sense to get the best buy for your first house with the main priority being able to fit right into one's budget. It is ideal to be employed or run your own business in the comforts of your own home or at least a few blocks from it. However, you should be cautious of the reason why a certain house is sold at a cheap price. A good and probable reason for this is that the crime rate of the city the house is in went up so high that no one dares to buy any kind of property within the location, dropping the appraisal value for every investment. It could not be stressed enough that prospective movers should always be wary of how safe a neighborhood is from crime.

Of course, these kinds of lapses should now be easily avoided in the 21st century with the technology and resources we now have unlike in the old days when one has to call somebody they know and ask "what's the crime rate in your city?". Sure, we can still do that but why not do it the more efficient and modern way?

Various Ways To Find Crime Reports

There are various ways to look out for information regarding how often a criminal case has been filed in a city. If one is bit more number oriented, he or she will rely on an official statistics report on a prospective city. It seems farfetched for a normal citizen to acquire this information but nowadays, it is already possible to acquire it over the internet. National report summaries are posted annually by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) for free.

For more detailed, up-to-date, city-specific information, you would usually have to avail from service sites that offer the said kind of crime report. It does everything from phone calls, emails and have files containing the records of cases filed and solved within the city for the price of between $16 to $29. Sites like our USA people search are very reliable and gives instant access to local, county and state criminal records with reports of robberies, murders, arrests, warrants, felonies, misdemeanors, traffic violations and more.

Crime Will Be Surging On A Nationwide Basis

Despite being meticulous with your choices though, there is not a single city in the world that does not have any report on a criminal act. Though seemingly tedious, it is also good to get the said reports from different cities, even from locations that are a little bit farther than your top five prospects just in case you need to replace an option. Paid crime reports usually contain such comparison but can be limited to only 3 or 4 cities or districts.

Although you can get new crime reports for separate transactions, you can also google sample crime maps that indicate brief comparisons of crime rate from city to city. Another good way of doing this is by tuning in on city wide news that you can now view on the internet as well.

There will come a time when crime will be surging on a nationwide basis from different causes like recessions, terrorism, and the like. Sometimes, the surge fluctuates 2-3 years before it reaches a noticeable decline; hence, you will get reports with a high crime volume even as you compare it with your other options.

In this case, it is good to take note not only the average crime rate and crime volume, but also the strength of the police force in the area. A city with a much balanced proportion between criminal cases reports and cases solved usually indicates the effectiveness of implementation of law and order.

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