Sun, 23 Mar 2014

Decreasing Crime Rate

Recently, the Federal Bureau of Investigation released the latest crime statistics for the year 2013, which presents the estimated number of crimes reported to the law enforcements with its corresponding percentage and per-inhabitant figures. According to the data provided by the people of FBI, the violent crime rate has increased by 0.7 percent, while the property crime rate decreased by almost 0.9 percent. This is relative to the previous statistics compiled by the bureau.

Crime Rates Comparable to the 1960's

According to the statistics, there is a significant decrease in the total number of crimes committed by the people of the United States, with a decrement amounting to almost 4 million since the 90s decade. These crime rates are now comparable to that of the 1960 era.

This is the 10th year in a row wherein there is a deliberate decrease in the total number of property crimes being recorded. Considering the number since the year 1960 to 2012, United States has an average of 12 million crime cases reported each year. However, a lot of people still consider this figure a very alarming one.

Violent Crimes

Taking a closer look into the FBI's findings, the sudden escalation on the violent crimes is particularly attributed to the people of the West Coast, with an offshoot of 3.2%, and the people of the Midwest, increasing by 1.5%. While there was a considerable breakthrough of violence in the western part of the US, the South coast still accounts for the highest overall turnout, consisting of more than 40% of all reported violent crimes, with almost three-quarters of these cases are aggravated assaults.

The details in the violent crime category considered four distinct offenses - murder, robbery, forcible rape, and aggravated assault.

Murder Rate

The rate of the US in terms of murder and non-negligent manslaughter, considered by many people as intentional homicide, is greatest compare to other nearly all other developed countries, as supported by the official figures provided by the FBI.

The 4.7% murder rate of USA is considerable higher compared to that of the United Kingdom (2.6%), Germany (0.9%) and Austria (1.5%). Moreover, it is only a few percentage below the rates of Japan and Canada. The United States is also considered as one of the countries with the most firearm possession, wherein almost 50% of the American people own a gun.

Property Crimes Has Been Radically Declining

Despite still being the type of crime with the highest percentage turnout, property crimes has been radically declining, closing the previous year's statistics to less than 9 million. Nonetheless, these types of crimes affect most of the people in the United States. FBI points out the cause of this decrease to be the sudden drop in case of burglary in the country, with a decrement of 3.7%, amounting to a whopping 2.1 million decrease in robbery incidence.

Despite the minute increase in motor vehicle theft (0.6%), the total estimated crimes against people's property are gradually decreasing these past few years. The other property crimes, however, remains unchanged for the previous year. This includes larceny-theft and arson.

FBI Uniform Crime Reports

The Federal Bureau of Investigation releases the figures involving crime rates through its annual Uniform Crime Reports, known as "Crime in the United States". This does not only present to people the current rate by which Americans commit crimes for the year, but it also reflects the status by which the law is enforced in the United States, as well as how the people respond to these crimes.

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