Sat, 8 Sep 2018

Find Out Who Your Neighbors Are

When you have fulfilled your dreams of moving to your own home, there is still so much work to do. Prior to buying the house, you probably have checked whether the place is safe or there is a violent history in the area.

Now, the next thing you need to do is to research about your neighbors and find out who they are. The ones living next door may be a friendly family, but sometimes, there are unpleasant neighbors in your block. Some just look like normal people, but you are never really sure if your kids are safe around them. Here are some tips to find out who your neighbors are.

Be Observant

Social events during the weekends are tolerable from time to time. However, it can be bothersome if your neighbors are partying every weekend or worse, even on weekdays. Get-togethers can be too loud and bad neighbors do not have any consideration for other people.

Remember that if you are going to live in a college area, your neighbors are likely to play loud music and have late-night parties, which you may find inconvenient. You can observe your neighbors to identify problematic people that you may need to report because of excessive noise.

Look out for your neighbor who frequently has a lot of cars parked outside their house because this is a common sign of a troublesome neighbor. Another sign is if they have couches or recliners on their front porch or lawn. Watch out as well for barking dogs because a bad neighbor may also disregard their pets.

Checkout Untidy Properties

When you check the yard of your neighbors, you will notice right away if they have been neglecting their properties. Common signs include cluttered yards, uncut grass, and garbage piling up. You may also look into other properties within your block, not just the homes next to yours. Take note of those you think that can cause trouble in your neighborhood.

Know Your Neighbor’s Name

Some people cannot identify their neighbors by name because they have not been formally introduced, they are not interested in being too friendly, or they are just too shy to ask. However, you need to be familiar with the people living in your neighborhood.

If you really do not want to ask for their name, the WhitePages website can actually help you. You can learn the name of your neighbor in a matter of seconds. If you put in their street address, you are good to go. The best thing about it is that it is easy to use and the service is free.

You may opt to have a paid account in WhitePages if you want to find more detailed information, such as criminal records, bankruptcy records, mobile numbers, and other data.

In case you cannot find any information about your neighbor on WhitePages, you may check with county tax assessor websites because some of them also provide information about homeowners.

Run a Criminal Check

It is unfortunate that we have to deal with the fact that there are a lot of sex offenders out in the open and they can be living in your neighborhood. Unlike other criminals, sex offenders, even after serving time in jail, live a public life. However, there are sex offender registries that track them anywhere they go. This can ensure that their coworkers and neighbor would be cautious.

Our USA people search is a people search service that you can use to check information about offenders. Run a criminal check, or an address search and they will tell you about sexual offenders, and other criminal activities within that neighborhood.

Evaluate the Friendliness of Your Neighbors

NextDoor is becoming more and more popular, especially in some areas where residents do not really know everyone well. By using this social media site, you can start connecting with your neighbors. People usually use the site to post about events, news, and recommendations. It is like a bulletin board for your neighborhood that you can check online.

You can visit the site to talk about local activities, such as block parties, PTA updates, and trash pickup. If your pet is missing, you can notify your whole neighborhood right away. Furthermore, residents can warn the others about vandalism and burglaries, which can help improve security in the area.

By using your address, you can sign up for an account in NextDoor. Like other social media platforms, people on this site tell something about their personalities. If your neighbors are listed, you can know their concerns, interests, and grievances about your neighborhood.

Watch Out for City Services

Aside from people, city services can also be considered as bad neighbors. If your house is near a power plant or landfill, you may have trouble selling it in the future. Houses near city services typically have value that is 6-10% below what would it be in other areas.

You must also beware of light pollution coming from a nearby power plant or prison. Although city services are important, a lot of people do not want their homes to be close to them. If you can avoid it, do not buy a house near city services.

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