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People Search Results Contain Criminal & Public Records

A USA people search gives you extensive search with reliable results of personal background including criminal and public records. If documentations are publicly available, you can run a quick background check on any individual. All you need to do is enter the name in the people searching website to start getting information. But why is this so important for people nowadays?

Understanding the Essence of Criminal and Public Records

Criminal records or rap sheet shows the criminal history of a person. It includes convictions, arrests that didn't result in charges, and charges that didn't result in conviction. However, criminal records only include offenses charged to adult defendants. Juvenile defendants charged as adult won't get the same protection.

Generally, criminal records are public records which can be available to anyone. But it can still be hard to find the entire criminal background of a person. There are government database systems that compile information on the criminal justice system; however, the database isn't available for public use. Instead, criminal histories usually involve investigations on the jurisdiction where the person lives.

People who are convicted of crimes in a specific jurisdiction may receive their complete criminal record within the jurisdiction due to pre-trial criminal record requirements. However, it's possible for people to receive incomplete criminal records that only show any charges, convictions, or arrests within that jurisdiction. Moreover, there are federal laws that require reporting of the different offender classes.

What Records Are Included in People Search?

Usually, people search includes records of adoption, divorce decrees, marriage licenses, death certificates, and birth certificates. If you are currently looking for such information, you can easily find them in one search. Also, you can get details about civil lawsuits, criminal cases, and property settlements in people searching sites like

Since people search results contain criminal and public records, you can simply conduct a search on someone's background. It will provide you with accurate details related to sex offenders' information as well as background checks. In addition, people search offers arrest records and time served in the jail. If the person you are searching have shoplifting offenses and DUIs, it will also be shown on the results. This may be helpful if there are certain individuals that you are suspicious of.

How to Conduct a Quick Background Check Online

There are so many reasons to do a background check on someone's criminal history. But whatever your purpose for doing this, it's important to understand how people search works. You may even check your own records to know what it says about you. So here is how a thorough background check is done:

  1. 1. Know the name of your target. The most important thing you need to know when people searching is the name of the person. Aside from people search services, you can go to social media networks and search engines. However, the information you will get is only limited to what the person is sharing. The best way is to use a people search website like If it's a common name, make sure to use additional details to exactly find the person you are searching online.

  2. 2. Search on social networks. Social media platforms are one of the best resources for personal information. It's convenient for employers to use social networks like Facebook when getting basic information about their employees and potential hires.

  3. 3. Use address and phone number. If you don't have the name, you can use their address or phone number. But if you have the name and you want to get their contact details, you can simply use

  4. 4. Check government database systems. For a more accurate and thorough people searching, you can always take advantage of public records contained by government database. Almost everything you need including criminal histories are available for your background checking requirements.

Finding a Good People Search Website

There are plenty of background check services available today. However, only a few trustworthy sites offer quality people search results that include criminal and public records. Hence, finding a reputable background check company can be a bit daunting. Features and benefits provided by these companies may also differ. So how do you find a good people searching website?

One of the most important things you need to consider is your intention in using such service. You may choose a company that provides the exact benefits you need such as the criminal histories of your target. That way, you can thoroughly search the background details of anyone you are interested in.

Most people believe that background checking can only be done by authorities like government officials. Hence, they don't bother using people search service. Public records can be accessed by anyone who wants to get certain information about an individual. So how do you know if you've already found the right people search service you need?

  • Whether you want to investigate your spouse, the boyfriend of your daughter, or your new employee, hiring a private investigator can be expensive. Make sure to do some research before you hire someone. Check out the leading websites and compare their rates to find the best option.

  • People search services are designed to provide users with detailed information of individuals they want to search. Decide if you want to use pay-as-you-go plan or the membership plan. The pay-as-you-go plan will allow users to pay every background check they make on the site. On the other hand, the membership plan will allow you to enjoy unlimited people searching within a month or depending on the agreed period.

  • Choose between extensive or basic search. Although you can use both type of people search types, you still have to decide on the best service you need. Not all people search require comprehensive reports, especially if you only need the basic information such as address, contact number, or business details.

  • Do you need to simply find people or investigate them thoroughly? If you want to track old relatives, you can use a people finder to contact them. However, if you don't have any information to start the search, you may need an investigating team to help you out. Choosing a background check service always depend on your exact requirements.

  • Another important factor to keep in mind when choosing a people search service is your purpose. Do you need the service for personal or business use? Generally, people search services offered nowadays are designed for certain purposes. If you want to find out the criminal history of a person, you can take advantage of

Benefits of Using People Search

Losing touch with a loved one, relative, or close friend can be depressing. Due to changing locations or a busy work life, it's possible to lose track of the important people in our life. If you are in that situation, using a people search site can be helpful. What are the benefits of this service to your background checking needs such as criminal and public records?

  • Access criminal records, court cases, and lawsuits that were registered against the person of your interest.

  • Reconnect with old friends and lost relatives. Sometimes, all we need is a little effort to again be with the people we love.

  • Check marriage records of your partner. Before officially accepting someone to your life, you may want to see if they are married or not. It's also important to check if they are divorced from their former partner.

  • You may want to do a background check online just for fun. If you want to do something that is exciting, you can use to stalk your crush. You can get personal details about them and see if they are the perfect match. Or you can also check your favorite celebrity's profile and know some special information about them.

Background Check - Consumer Reporting Agency

Check the background of a person during the recruitment process. Employers are extra careful when recruiting new employees to their team. BUT, do not do this with a people search. To contact a consumer reporting agency is an excellent way to make sure that a person is of good moral character before hiring them. Background checks for the purpose of hiring an employee is governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act ("FCRA") and should be purchased from a consumer reporting agency as defined in the FCRA.

Bottom Line

With online websites like, individuals and companies can easily get important information as well as background checks about the people of interest. Some of the features you will enjoy from this service are 100% privacy, accurate data, comprehensive people search, and instant results that contain criminal and public records. Take advantage of advanced analytics, powerful people search, deep background checking, and continuously updated database with an online people search service.

Uncover more using for criminal and public records. In just a few clicks, you can get the exact information you need without any stress. So, whether you need people search service for personal or business purpose, working with a reliable partner is the best thing to do. Are you ready to find out about your target?

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