Sun, 29 Jun 2014

Will Russia Ever Be A Democratic And Modern Nation?

Democracy has not taken root in Russia. History reveals that democracy has never made its way to Russia. The fall of Berlin Wall signals the collapse of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). The Soviet Union threatened the world with communism, cruelty and crimes against human rights. Their power seems unstoppable and has reigned for more than 50 years.

The Downfall Of USSR

The downfall of USSR divided them into several nations. Russian Federation is the largest state created from the remnants of USSR. Russia acquired most of the area and the nuclear arsenal. It took over the seat of Soviet Union at the United Nations Security Council. Western nations aspires a democratic government for Russia. This never happened because of Vladimir Putin's ideology. Analysts do not foresee the country to adopt democracy. The state resists democratic governance because of culture, corruption and Putinism.

History Shows That Russia Never Embraced Freedom

It is apparent in the Russian history that they never embraced freedom. Boris Yeltsin, the first president of Russia, wanted to restore the monarchy. Russians commissioned men with authority and strong leadership to run their country. The culture does not put much value to freedom.

At present, the government administers the country through an imperial president. The nation vested extensive authority to their leader due to fear of economic turmoil. This is attributable to their experience of poverty, civil war and global dispute during the 20th century. The people elected Vladimir Putin to put an end to the chaos. The society feels secured with an authoritarian political system.

Russia yearns to revive their power in the international scene. Their focus is to regain their position and not to prioritize freedom for its citizen. It is not surprising that the Russians were disappointed with the fall of Soviet Union because it resulted to loss of their supremacy.

Vladimir Putin

Vladimir Putin is an influential personality in Russia. His ideology is one of the factors that restrict freedom. He created autocratic governance where he appoints the leaders who will work for his administration. The centralized authority triggers abuse of power. In addition, their president runs for public office in an indefinite period. In contrast, democracy entails change in leadership according to the mandated duration. The country also forbids freedom of expression. Corruption is a consequence of the immense power that the government enjoys. The president has the authority to act on his will including arrest of any citizen.

Russia And Vladimir Putin Not Ready For Democracy

Russia is not yet ready to accept democracy. The country lacks the essential factors for a democratic society. The citizenry lacks desire to enjoy freedom. Their culture dictates submission to an authority. The people are accustomed to follow strong leaders. Furthermore, the administration of Vladimir Putin curtails the entry of freedom. Although, there are some negative remarks about his leadership, ousting him from government office is not a possibility.

While the Westerners savor freedom, the Russians detest an open society. The clash between the West and Russia is still evident in this modern era. They regard each other as their rival nation. Massive changes in culture, social and political aspects are necessary to allow entry of democracy. The probability of having a democratic government in Russia is close to impossible.

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