Thu, 12 Dec 2013

Why The American People Need To Educate Themselves

Studies show that American adults score lower on average in intellectual tests than people of other nationalities. The lack of education is a serious problem in USA today and a threat to democracy. Americans are generally less educated than people are in other modern countries. The United States problem, we are too dumb. We need education.

In Europe, Asia, in fact all around the world people always have stories about "dumb Americans" and we need to change that now. America have a problem and it appears to be getting worse. Why? Does Americans have a lower IQ? Well, if we compare us with other modern countries we actually have lower IQ but with education comes a higher IQ.

A Threat To Democracy

In a nutshell, democracy is a system of government that involves many elements. It is a political system where people choose their government through elections. It pushes the active participation of their people in politics. Democracy also ensures the protection of the basic human rights of each of its citizens; the same rights that apply equally to everyone.

Low freedom and democracy in the USA -
We aways hear and think that the USA is one of the most free and democratic countries in the world. We could not be more wrong. Unfortunately we in the United States has a long way to reach the top countries. USA is listed as "USA is clearly a flawed democracy".

115 countries have been evaluated using a scientifically valid and multidimensional approach that integrates political and non-political aspects of society, such as freedom, gender, economy, knowledge, health, and the environment.

The Scandinavian model scores highest as usual. Some of the most free and the best countries to live in and countries with full democracy are Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Netherlands, Switzerland. They have the highest quality of democracy, freedom, health, education and economy.

If we look at Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Denmark, they have the best standard of living, great economy, very low poverty, most freedom, 85 % of the people votes, full paid holidays 5-8 weeks / year, about 480 nearly full paid days to take care of their new born children, low crime rate (example: 15 murders in Sweden committed by youths, in USA 8,226 murders committed by youths / year), best equal status between men and women, their citizens live longer and healthier lives than we in the U.S., 100% clean water, 98 % have access to Internet from home, about 4 times lower CO2 emission levels than USA per person. Poor or rich, everyone will get the same top quality health care and medicine for free (almost - if you get hospitalized for 365 days the maximum amount for that is about 115 USD, or 0.30 USD a day - about the same maximum amount for medicine), free schools (everyone can study at a University for free) and so forth.

A threat to our democracy in the United States has been raised by experts. This comes by way of recent studies show that American adults score lower on average in intellectual tests than people of other nationalities. It may be due to the educational system or, if scrutinized closer, the personal upbringing of each citizen.

An uninformed public is a definite threat to democracy in the USA. Without a proper education, it is difficult for ordinary people to uphold a system that the general populace has no knowledge about. Democracy means having freedom but freedom does not mean relinquishing all your responsibilities.

Choosing Leaders

If people are not informed, how are they expected to choose the right person to lead their country? Picking people to lead a government should be treated as a major responsibility. Educating citizens must be considered a priority. Imagine the chaos if everyone went to elections without knowing anything about the candidates. The sad part is that there is no need to imagine it since this is the reality right now. Thousands, if not millions, of citizens vote without carefully considering their choice of elected official.

Exercising Their Rights

Democracy does not solely involve the picking and choosing of leaders. It also means exercising their rights peacefully and with respect for other's rights and the law as well. Being less informed could potentially lead people to stifle democracy and the rights of their fellowmen.

A general example is when people don't realize that they have committed a crime against someone else. On the opposite corner, we have instances where citizens don't know that their rights are being trampled on.

Everyone has the right to choose. It is disappointing to know that there are still people who are being pressured by their family, friends, or society in general and being told what to do even though they have every right to decide for themselves.

Knowing Their Rights

People should know that everyone is considered equal under the eyes of the law. Their gender, age, sexual orientation or upbringing do not deprive them of rights or give them additional ones. Lesser-informed Americans might think that they could restrict certain citizens from applying for jobs but this is not true.

Lack Of Knowledge Seen In Most Adult Americans

One of the most important reasons why these studies are troubling is because it mirrors both the apathy and lack of knowledge seen in most adult Americans. As the scores dip lower, it will guarantee a marked decrease in democratic involvement as well.

Education doesn't just involve the attainment of knowledge for personal use. It enhances a person's place in society as well. If the USA wants to keep its hold as the base of democracy, then it should make sure that its citizens know what it is.

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