Sun, 7 Sep 2014

Islamic Organization Hamas

Established in 1987, Hamas is an Islamic organization that aims to liberate Palestine from the Israeli occupation and also establish an Islamic state in the area. It fights its wars using its associated military arm called Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades.

This military wing as well as Hamas is listed as a terrorist organization by the European Union (EU), Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, and the United States of America. Some Arab nations, on the other hand, do not consider Hamas as a terrorist organization.

Arab Countries Have Met Hamas' Actions With Silence

But what do Arab leaders think of Hamas, seriously? Usually, Israel is met with hostility by neighboring Arab countries but in the case of Hamas, Arab leaders are showing their opposition of the group. Led by Egypt, Arab countries including Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia have rallied with Israel to fight off Hamas.

The Egyptian government recently proposed a cease-fire agreement which, when carefully looked at, answers a number of Israel's demands while ignoring the pleas from Hamas. Most of the Arab countries have met Hamas' actions with silence which could mean that they are not fully supporting the violence and havoc caused and spread by the Hamas group.

The war of Israel versus the Hamas has caused irreparable damage physically and emotionally to innocent civilians. Lots of people lay dead because of the bombing runs and bullet-spraying done by both camps. The heavy disregard for peace has turned Gaza and the Palestine into a bloody mess where bodies literally litter the streets.

The recent negative response of the Arab leaders to Hamas might give hope to the long war waged by the involved parties who are fighting for their principles and religion.

Hamas' and Israel will continue to hurt each other as well as other innocent people as long as there are groups who support their cause. An agreement for peace might have the opposite effect and can cause both sides to only deepen their remorse for each other.

Will There Be Peace Between Israel And Hamas (Palestine)

What the Arab leaders did was just a first step to peace. Ultimately, the quest for peace can be achieved with all the Arab nations uniting and empathizing with each other. With the element of empathy, these nations as well as their religious and military organizations can understand and live among each other. Empathy also makes each of them likely to agree in peace agreements if they understand where each side is coming from.

What do Arab leaders think of Hamas should translate into not only ignoring them and a silent protest to their actions but into a transparent action of the prevention of further casualties and infrastructure damage. For Hamas, they should think about their actions carefully and realize that their fight for the control of Palestinian Israel has caused enough destruction and death that if they managed to win, they would be taking control of an area where liters of blood have been spilled and bodies lay lifelessly on the roads.

Hopefully, Hamas leaders review their goal and what they are really fighting for. They must also consider the recent actions of some of the most influential Arab leaders and ask themselves why the leaders have taken that course of action. If all goes well, this might result into a Middle East with no armed conflict in sight.

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