Sun, 9 Feb 2014

Sidney Reilly Was The Real James Bond

People may never know the truth about Sidney Reilly. The fact that he was considered the inspiration for James Bond, most people's favorite fictional spy, is only one of the very few confirmed details of his incredibly mysterious life.

Sidney George Reilly Was Born In Russia

Sidney George Reilly, known to people as the Ace of Spies, was born in Russia and known to have been a secret agent for the Secret Intelligence Service (SIS). People were exposed to his adventures because of his journalist friend, Sir Robert Bruce Lockhart, who wrote about their failed mission to overthrow the Bolshevik regime. Despite being employed by the Scotland yard and the British Secret Service Bureau before being taken in by the SIS, he was rumored to have been a spy for at least four countries.

Similarities Between Reilly And Bond

Sir Lockhart was a close friend of Ian Fleming, the famed author and creator of James Bond. He would listen to their exploits and be fascinated by Lockhart's stories about Reilly. The similarities between Reilly and Bond can't be denied. Reilly was fond of the good life and had multiple larger-than-life exploits. His magnetic power over women and defiant behavior further seal the connection between the two.

Many people interested in history label him as the first "super spy" of the 20th-century. Despite all this, there are little confirmed facts about him because he was an alleged pathological liar and master manipulator.

His true origins have confused and befuddled even the most intelligent people in investigative agencies. To further mislead people, he claimed to be the son of several different figures, like an Irish clergyman or a merchant seaman. Reilly is the source of most of the information circulating about him so the truth will forever be shrouded in mystery.

Sidney Reilly Was a Freelance Secret Service Agent

People believed that he escaped anti-Semitic Russia when he realized he was Jewish. When he faked his death there, he later wound up in Brazil and called himself Pedro. His sharp-shooting skills and uncanny aptitude for multiple languages were the key to his first job in the intelligence field after he caught the attention of a British major. As a freelance secret service agent, he was given his own British passport, a sizable allowance, and passage to Britain. Another theory is that he emerged in Britain after he assaulted a courier in France. He then sold "miracle" medicine to people in Britain.

Rumors About Sidney Reilly

His story gets a bit more complicated after that. After allegedly murdering his soon-to-be wife's husband, he wooed her to take her last name and her inheritance. During the war between Russia and Japan, Reilly was said to have spied for Japan, Britain, and Russia all at the same time. It was during this time that he fled with a mistress.

Reilly would go through many more adventures before ending up in Russia, where he allegedly met his end. Though his wife at the time believed he died attempting to go to Russia from Finland, both the Russian and British governments doubted reports of his death. Russian refugees also claimed to have seen Reilly confined inside a Russian hospital.

Other people said that Reilly went insane after undergoing torture. There was also news that wrote Reilly off as an agent of Russia with his ultimate goal being to penetrate the Foreign Office and secret service of Britain. Ordinary people may not know for sure. If the Russian KGB decides to unlock their files on Reilly, it may shed some light about the mysteries revolving his later life.

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