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The Slave Revolt by Nathaniel "Nat" Turner

In the year 1831, a dark day of slave rebellion led by Nathaniel "Nat" Turner known as the Southampton Insurrect on started the growing conscientiousness of the blacks against their white masters.

The Slave Revolt by Nathaniel Nat Turner

The Slave Revolt by Nathaniel 'Nat Turner' strived to destroy the very heart of slavery. The revolt started during the early morning of August 22 and on that day slaves killed every white man, woman, child, they encountered during the next twenty-four hours. The rebellion started in the house of Travis, where Nat works as a slave. The rebels killed the couple in their sleep and five more members of the household.

Nat and his group of rebels moved from farm to farm killing, collecting recruits and guns. The group was firstly comprised with only several slaves but after freeing more from their owners, it was accounted that more than 70 slaves participated in the revolt. Though the rebellion was short and lasted for more or less a day, a total of 61 whites and 200 blacks were killed in the event.

The local militia with twice the number of Turner's men finally defeated the rebellion. A day after, the militias killed more than 100 blacks, 60 more were executed upon capture. Many black men and women were charged of conspiracy, treason and insurrection. Some were banished and acquitted. Infuriated mobs killed innocent slaves preparing breakfast for their masters, slaves who rode on horsebacks, and harmless black people in the vicinity.

Nathaniel Turner Was Brought To Jail

For two months, Nat hid and was not captured. On the 30th of October a white farmer named Benjamin Philipps discovered him hiding in a hole covered with fence rails. Nathaniel Turner was arrested and brought to jail. The court ordered a trial where Nat proclaimed his innocence, the jury found him guilty and on November 11 of 1831 he was executed, hanged and beheaded. The slave revolt initiated by Nat Turner is a momentous event that will never be forgotten in American history.

Prior the Slave Revolt

The 31-year old man prior the slave revolt was inspired by what he called as heavenly visions that led him to encourage his people into a battle to try and destroy slavery. He believed God wanted him to free the slaves. And Turner was convinced that it could only be done by killing the slave owners. Nat also sought signs from God whether when he shall start the rebellion.

On February of 1831, Nat Turner witnessed a solar eclipse and was convinced that it was the sign God had given. A week before the rebellion a strange bluish-green Sun rose and Nat Turner knew it was the final signal.

Nathaniel Turner born only with his first name "Nat" was a religious person and a Baptist minister. While other slaves were not given education, Nat learned to read and write, and found solace in religion. Turner spent most of his life in the Southampton where black people dominated the area. His grandmother who was said to have strong ties with Coromantee people was known to have participated in slave revolts, a fact that some would say inspired Nat to do likewise.

The end of the slave rebellion only made whites ferocious and after the incident many innocent blacks were killed all over the state. Many were burned alive, dismembered, tortured for they were suspected to be plotting another rebellion. Many of those were later admitted innocent. During these years fear was raging in the slave community, whites sought revenge against slaves no matter if they were or weren't involved in insurrections. The Slave revolt by Nathanial Turner that had started primarily to rescue the slaves, set off a surge of panic and fear into the region of Virginia and the South.

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