South Burlington, Vermont

South Burlington is located in the north-western part and is the largest city in the U.S. State of Vermont. The Queen City. South Burlington is a small city. It is a college town and an important commercial city. The city was in 2011 ranked as the number 1 "Top Ten Small Cities" and Downtown South Burlington is ranked as the third-best Downtown in the U.S.

According to Forbes it is the "Prettiest Town in America". The city has a mix of restaurants and shops and is well-known for its pedestrian Church Street Marketplace. South Burlington is known as one of the safest cities in the entire country.

To See And To Do In South Burlington

  • Magic Hat Brewing Company
  • Concerts at Higher Ground
  • Vermont Gift Barn and Gallery
  • University Mall
  • Overlook Park
  • Red Rocks Park

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History Of South Burlington - Timeline

Long before the first European came to the area the Abenaki people lived here. In 1609, Samuel de Champlain came to the area. Lake Champlain is named after him. In 1763, the area of South Burlington was granted as part of Burlington.

In 1790, Asa Slocum and his wife moved to the town and purchased a farm and raised sheep. The Slocum family was one of the biggest landowners at the time. In 1815, the Van Sicklen Stone House on 1550 Hinesburg Road was built. The Van Sicklen family were successful sheep farmers.

In 1865, South Burlington became a town and had its first town meeting at a one-room schoolhouse, the Eldridge School, after becoming a separate governmental entity from Burlington.

In 1920, the first aircraft landed in South Burlington at what became the Burlington International Airport. It is today the largest airport in Vermont. In 1953, the Police Department was established. In 1957, South Burlington High School was established.

In 1959, the Rice Memorial High School opened. In 1962-63, the Kiwanis Ski Area opened. A fire destroyed the ski slope in 1967. In 1971, South Burlington was incorporated as a city. In 1977, the Other Paper, a weekly newspaper was first published. In 1994, the stage actress and singer Kerstin Anderson was born.

In 1995, the 600-seat ice hockey arena, Cairns Arena, opened. In 1997, the Magic Hat Brewing Company moved to South Burlington.

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