Raleigh, North Carolina

Raleigh is located in the northeast central part and is the capital and the second largest city in the U.S. State of North Carolina. The City of Oaks. Raleigh is part of North Carolina's Research Triangle. It is one of the largest research parks in the United States for high-tech, biotech research, and advanced textile development. The city had been named America's Best City by BusinessWeek.com. Raleigh has many of parks and facilities.

To See And To Do In Raleigh

  • Museum of History
  • Carolina Hurricanes
  • Nature Research Center
  • North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame
  • Museum of Art
  • Marbles Kids Museum
  • Museum of Natural Sciences
  • Raleigh City Museum
  • North Carolina State Capitol
  • Cameron Village
  • Raleigh Flea Market
  • Joel Lane Museum House

History Of Raleigh - Timeline

In 1584, the explorer Sir Walter Raleigh did two attempts to establish a colony in North Carolina. Both were unsuccessful and in 1590, when Walter Raleigh returned, the settlers had disappeared without a trace. In 1741, Joel Lane and his two brothers settled the area. In 1760, the present-day Raleigh had a handful of sparse colonial settlements.

In 1792, the land was purchased from Joel Lane and the same year, Raleigh was established and was named for Sir Walter Raleigh. Raleigh was born as a planned city by the State of North Carolina. In 1794, the first State House was opened. In 1799, N.C. Minerva and Raleigh Advertiser was the first newspaper published in Raleigh.

In 1800, there were 669 people living in the town. In 1818, the city's first water supply network was completed. In 1833, the railroad was completed in Raleigh. In 1840, the North Carolina Capitol building was completed. In 1848, the telegraph was working in the town. In 1857, Peace College was established. In 1869, the nation's first school for blind and deaf African-Americans opened.

In 1874, the city's Federal Building was constructed. In 1879, North Carolina's first telephone exchange opened in Raleigh. In 1889, the Rex Hospital opened. In 1892, the Union rail passenger station opened. In 1898, the Academy of Music private music conservatory was established. Also in 1898, automobiles were seen on the streets.

In 1906, the Raleigh High School building was built. In 1912, the first paid Fire Department was established. Also in 1912, Bloomsbury Park opened. From 1914-1918, 288 people died from the influenza pandemic. In 1922, motorbuses began to operate in Raleigh and the first radio station began broadcasting. In 1929, the airport Curtiss-Wright Flying Field opened.

In 1939, Raleigh installed the first parking meters. In 1952, the Dorton Arena opened. In 1956, WRAL-TV became the first local television station. In 1959, the Research Triangle Park, a research park, opened. In 1997, the NHL team Hartford Whalers moved to Raleigh as the Carolina Hurricanes and in 2011, Raleigh hosted the NHL All-Star Game.