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Gulfport, Mississippi

Gulfport is located in the southern part and is the second largest city in the U.S. State of Mississippi. The downtown area provides a strong mercantile center. Along the beach you will find many historic home sites. Large part of the economy is golfing and water tourist.

To See And To Do In Gulfport

  • Southern Belle Fishing Tours
  • The U.S. Navy Seabee Museum
  • Gulfport Centennial Museum
  • Ship Island Excursions
  • Island View Casino Resort
  • The Beaches
  • Lynn Meadows Discovery Center
  • Gulfport Little Theatre
  • Gulfhaven Gardens
  • Windance Country Club Golf Course
  • Great Southern Golf Club
  • Bayou Vista Golf Course
  • Gulf Islands Water Park
  • Crossroads Shopping Center
  • Historic Downtown

History Of Gulfport - Timeline

The area was explored by the French in 1699. In 1836, the Grass Lawn House, known also as the Milner House, was built by Dr. Hiram A. Roberts as a summer home. Gulfport is in Harrison County, which was founded in 1841. In 1884, the Sun Herald was founded. In 1891, Gulfport was permanently settled. Gulfport was incorporated in 1898. The community was named for its location on the Gulf of Mexico.

In 1900, 1,060 people lived in the city. In 1902, the harbor was completed. The Port of Gulfport was converted to a working seaport. In 1903, the Great Southern Hotel was completed. In 1910, the U.S. Post Office and Customhouse were built. In 1917, one of the cities founder, William H. Hardy, died of a heart attack. He was the president of the Gulf and Ship Island Railroad that connected inland lumber mills to the coast.

In 1942, the Gulfport-Biloxi International Airport was built. The airport was originally constructed by the United States Army Air Forces as a training base. In 1951, the Great Southern Hotel was demolished. The city suffered severe damage from Hurricane Camille in 1969. In 1998, the Gulfport Centennial Museum was established. In 2005, the city suffered severe damage from hurricane Katrina.