Springfield, Massachusetts

Springfield is located in the southwestern part and is the third largest city in the U.S. State of Massachusetts. Springfield is one of the most walkable cities in the US. Nicknamed The City of Homes because of its Victorian architecture and The City of Firsts because of the innovations during the years. The city is experiencing major economic reinvestments for the first time since the early 1970s.

To See And To Do In Springfield

  • The Museum of Fine Arts
  • The Basketball Hall of Fame
  • The Connecticut River Walk
  • The Springfield Armory National Park
  • The Museum of Springfield History
  • The George Walter Vincent Smith Museum
  • Dr. Seuss National Memorial Sculpture Garden
  • The Museum of Science
  • Forest Park
  • The Connecticut Valley History Museum
  • The Indian Motorcycle Museum
  • Hoop City Jazz Festival
  • The Eastern States Exposition
  • Six Flags New England Theme Park
  • Shopping At Main Street

History Of Springfield - Timeline

In 1634, three business-minded men visited the area and selected a location to settle. In 1636, they returned with a larger group and Springfield was founded on New England's most fertile soil. In 1641, Springfield was incorporated as a town.

In 1645, 46 years before the famous Salem witch trials, Springfield was caught up in the witchcraft hysteria. Mary Parsons accused a widow of witchcraft. For this accusation, Mary Parsons was found guilty of slander. Seven years later, in 1651, Mary Parsons herself was accused of witchcraft and also of murdering her own child. She was found not guilty of witchcraft but was found guilty of murdering her own child. This was America's first witch trial.

In 1660, the Pynchon House was built on Main street. Pynchon was one of Springfield's founder and the house served as a residence to the Pynchon family for over 170 years. In 1662, the first jail was built on what is now Maple street. In 1674, a Ferry service that shuttled passengers, animals and freight across the river was established. In 1675, one of Springfields settlements was burned to the ground during the first major Indian War.

In 1723, the Court House was erected. In 1782, The Massachusetts Gazette and General Advertiser, Springfield's first newspaper was published. In 1786, Daniel Shays led 600 men on a march on the courthouse in Springfield which led to the writing of the United States Constitution. In 1787, the battle at the Springfield Armory was fought. In 1794, the United States Armory was located to the city.

In 1814, the Springfield bank was incorporated. In 1819, the First Church of Christ, Congregational was built. In 1830, the fire department was established. In 1839, the first train arrives in Springfield. In 1849, gas lights began to brighten the homes of Springfield. In 1852, Springfield officially became a city. The City Library and the Hampden County Courthouse were built in 1871.

In 1875, the Gothic style church building "South Congregational Church" was built. In 1887, the French Congregational Church was built and the city had electricity. The first post office building was constructed in 1891. Also in 1891, James Naismith invented the sport of basketball at Springfield College and the first basketball game ever played took place in the Mason Square district of Springfield.

In 1900, more than 62,000 people lived in the city. In 1909, the Indian Orchard Branch Library was built. In 1915, the Radding Building, at 143-147 State Street, was constructed. In 1917, the Chapin National Bank Building was completed. In 1923, the Masonic Temple building, at 339-341 State Street, was built. In 1929, the Granville Brothers built their first GeeBee airplane. In 1930, the Springfield District Court building was constructed.

In 1936, the Connecticut River flooded and the Damages in Springfield were estimated at $200,000,000. In 1938, the river flooded again and large portions of the North End and South End neighborhoods no longer exist. In 2011, the city was hit by a tornado. Over 500 people became homeless, four people died and hundreds of people were injured.