Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs is located in South-Central Colorado and is the second largest city in the U.S. States of Colorado. Colorado Springs was selected as the number one Best Big City in "Best Places to Live" by Money magazine in 2006, and placed number one in Outside's 2009 list of America's Best Cities.

To See And To Do In Colorado Springs

  • Western Museum of Mining and Industry
  • Garden of the Gods
  • Cave of the Winds
  • May Natural History Museum
  • Pikes Peak
  • River Runners Royal Gorge Rafting Center
  • Seven Falls
  • Helen Hunt Falls
  • Old Colorado City

History Of Colorado Springs - Timeline

In the 1700s, French and Spanish explorers visited the area. In 1806, Zebulon Pike explored the area. In 1820, Edwin James explored the mountains Pikes Peak near Colorado Springs. In 1859, the first settlers came to the region and it became a hub for sending mining supplies to the miners at Pikes Peak.

In 1870, General William Jackson Palmer came to see the area and he searched for possible railroad routes. General William Jackson Palmer founded Colorado Springs in 1871. More settlers now came, and "English tourists", who provided the capital for his railroad, now also came. In 1872, the town was incorporated as Colorado Springs.

In 1873, the U.S. Army built a weather station. In 1874, the Colorado College was founded at Colorado Springs and the Antlers Hotel opened. Around 1890, more gold was discovered and Colorado Springs was the leading mining exchange center of the world and was called "the city of millionaires". The city was now one of the most popular travel destinations in the United States. In 1899, Nikola Tesla moved to Colorado Springs, where he constructed his magnifying transmitter.

In 1900, 21,000 people lived in the city. In 1904, 35 of the nation's 100 millionaires lived in the city. In 1909, the public park "Garden of the Gods" was established. In 1915, the construction of Broadmoor Hotel began.

In 1942, the Fort Carson Army installation was established and the Peterson Air Force Base was built, marking the beginning of what is now a strong military presence in this region. In 1954, the United States Air Force Academy was established. In 2012, the Waldo Canyon Fire, a forest fire, started approximately 4 miles from Colorado Springs.