Sacramento, California

Sacramento is located in the north-central part of California. It is the capital and the sixth largest city in the U.S. State of California. Sacramento is an attractive destination for holidays and weekend trips. Here you will find everything from museums to galleries, attractions to shopping, and river rafting to golfing. Sacramento is America's most integrated city according to Time magazine.

To See And To Do In Sacramento

  • Sacramento History Museum
  • The California State Capitol Museum
  • State Indian Museum
  • Sutter's Fort
  • Shop The Grid - 50 Boutique Shops
  • California State Railroad Museum

History Of Sacramento - Timeline

In 1808, the first Europeans came to the area and they called it Sacramento. In 1827, fur trappers often visited the area. In 1833, about 20,000 Native Americans in the Sacramento area died from smallpox. In 1839, Captain John Augustus Sutter established a colony in today's Sacramento.

In 1841, Sutter's Fort was completed and a mill for grain processing was built. In 1842, the Mecklenburg Ranch was built. In 1846, the American flag was raised in the village. Sacramento became the heart of the California gold rush. The city experienced explosive growth when gold was discovered in 1848 in Coloma. (about 35 miles from Sacramento).

Sacramento was founded in 1849 and the newspaper, the Placer Times, was published and the Eagle Theatre was built. In 1850, nearly 7,000 people lived in the town. In 1851, the first Courthouse was built. In 1852, a fire destroyed nearly all buildings in the town.

In 1854, Sacramento became California's permanent state capital. In 1855 the railroad was built. It was the first railroad built west of the Mississippi River. The Sacramento High School was founded in 1856. In 1857, the first issue of the Daily Bee (later the Sacramento Bee) was published and the Leland Stanford Mansion was built.

In 1861, the city was linked to the telegraph lines on the other side of the continent, and the city now had horse-drawn streetcars. In 1866, the writer Mark Twain visited the city. In 1871, the Crocker Art Museum was built. In 1872, the fire department was established. In 1877, the Historic Governor's Mansion was built. In 1880, the city had electric lights and telephones. In 1888, the city had electric streetcars. In 1889, the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament was built.

In 1900, the automobile was introduced to the city. The first bus route in the city opened in 1910. In 1926, the Memorial Auditorium building was completed and the Amtrak train station, the Sacramento Station, opened. In 1927, the Alhambra Theater opened. In 1944, the actor Sam Elliott was born in the city. In 2000, the Raley Field stadium opened. In 2008, the construction of the U.S. Bank Tower building was completed.