Thu, 18 Jan 2018

Missing People - Children And Adults

Every year, thousands of people around the world disappear. They find a lot of these people, and many of them are not. When a person disappears, there is always a possibility that someone will find them, if the proper protocol is followed.

Missing Children

Most of the cases missing persons in the United States have to do with missing children. Children are taken every day from parks, roads, and public areas, such as shopping centers. In most cases of missing children, time is an important factor. When they take a child, the two days following the kidnapping are the most important. If a child is taken and recovered within the next forty-eight hours, the child is more likely to be found alive. However, after forty-eight hours have passed, the opportunity is much less for the child to be alive, or to be found.

Protocol for Missing Children

When a child is allegedly disappeared, the first thing that happens is a complete description of the kidnapped child. This will include as much information about the child as possible. Therefore, eye color, hair color and child size will be recorded. The police also want to know what the child was carrying when he disappeared. Another thing that the police will ask is whether the child has any identification that characterizes it or distinguishes it from other children. These things may include in the child's body, such as birthmarks or scars. It also includes things that the child could do to distinguish themselves from others, such as disability or speech patterns.

The information is also collected concerning the person who took the child. This could include a description of the person, the car he was driving, or any other information about who took the child. This information is taken from clues found in the place, as well as from testimonies.

Missing Adults

Adults constitute missing person cases as well. The main difference between adults and missing children is what happens. Most of the time when a child disappears, they are considered as kidnapped. This also happens with adults, but there are also many cases of adults in which there is no clear idea that they were taken. Sometimes, adults are abducted in a manner similar to that of children; in these cases, there will be a suspect. However, adults are sometimes simply missing, which means that nobody knows where he is. This happens with children, but it happens more often with adults.

Protocol for Missing Adults

The protocol in case of absence of adults is slightly different from that of missing children. When a child is absent, the adults of the missing children take care of the child's whereabouts. When an adult is in charge of a child, they can submit a report to missing children as soon as the missing child. This is because, by law, they do not consider a child to be in charge of where they are going and with whom, because he is a child until he or she is an adult, does not stop being in charge. Therefore, when missing, an adult is able to present a report immediately.

The reason why adults are missing is treated differently as having to do with the question of a person as the object of an adult. In the United States and Europe, when a person is an adult, they are considered able to take care of themselves. Therefore, when an adult is missing, there could be an opportunity that they have simply gone somewhere and did not tell anyone.

Every adult has the right to go wherever he wants, whenever he wants. Due to this right, an adult cannot be declared disappeared until proven otherwise. In most situations, an adult must be absent for twenty-four hours before people dismiss him or her. This is the protocol that is followed when a person has simply disappeared.

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