Carnegie Mellon University

Carnegie Mellon University is a private research university located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was founded in 1900 by Andrew Carnegie, the leader in the expansion of the American steel industry. The school became Carnegie Institute of Technology in 1912 and in 1967 merged with Mellon Institute of Industrial Research to form the Carnegie Mellon University.

The school is not only located in the U.S. but in Qatar as well. They aim to share knowledge, passion and to significantly enhance many intellects by researching, teaching and creating. They rank high in many surveys from around the world because of their academic distinction and have won many prestigious awards through their students and professors.

Carnegie Mellon University Will Land A Robot On The Moon

They are ahead of their game in the research field and are in the process of developing the technology to aid the elders in household work. They are also set to land a robot on the moon in 2015.

There are seven schools and colleges here and these are the college of engineering, college of fine arts, college of humanities and social sciences, school of business, public policy and information systems, college of science and college of computer science.

The School of Drama Rated 4th In World's Ranking

Not only does Carnegie Mellon University boasts of successful research studies, the college of fine arts which include drama, art, music, design and architecture are also doing extremely well. A Hollywood Reporter rated the School of Drama 4th in world's ranking.

Why Carnegie Mellon University?

Studying in Carnegie Mellon University will not only boost a student's academic performance, but also nurture their social well-being because of the many activities and organizations they can attend.

For the future leaders of society, there are programs they can join like the Emerging Leaders and Women's Leadership programs where they can fully use their skills to expand their horizons.

Student safety is also their priority that's why they have various medical services to attend to emergencies and any medical concerns of students. Sport minded students need not worry because there are many programs catered just for them here. Soccer and football are worth trying for men while running seems like a perfect idea for women who wish to be active.

Living in the campus is truly a good experience because there are many options to choose from like the single gender residence, co-educational residence hall, suites, fraternity and sorority houses and even the new house which is the Silver LEED certified residence hall built using green materials.

There are also more than a dozen places to eat from on and off campus like the regional favorite Eat'n Park. There are also student meals that are worth trying out. Being located in one of the most livable city in the U.S. the students of Carnegie Mellon University have the privilege of experiencing the city. There are many things to do here like going out for a night with friends or watching a movie.

It is a beautiful city so the possibilities of enjoying it are endless. Certainly the four years that a student will spend in this campus is something that will stay with them and bring out the best in them.