Thu, 02 Nov 2017

Private Investigators Are Too Expensive

Whether the target is a potential room mate, or a long-lost relative, or a suspicious acquaintance, do a people search yourself - private investigators are too expensive. It is a good way to save some of your hard-earn cash.

Here is a guide on how to score free or cheap research:

Step One - Be Equipped With At Least The Name Of The Subject

Knowing the first name and surname of the target can make or break the search. The middle name would be a bonus.

When searching for the target, it would be wiser to combine their full name with another keyword. Possible combos are:

  • full name + city.
  • full name + company/school.
  • full name + occupation.
  • full name + year of birth.
  • full name + full name of another person closely related with said subject.

The combos listed above will most likely turn up some helpful and relevant results. Learn to play with the filters provided by social media sites. It is a huge help to scale down your pool of information.

Step Two - Take Advantage Of Social Networks

Almost everyone had made at least one online account at one point. This will make a good starting point. Use that advantage and use Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram to find the said person. These websites and their corresponding apps even have filters to help with the search.

However, note that these benefits may not be available at all if the target knows how to play with the privacy settings.

Social media may provide:

  • Current location - This is provided by the check-in options being utilized by users. Even if the target doesn't use the tool, if a friend had tagged him/her, it will still show up.

  • Email address - One can easily make an online account as long as he has a valid email address. Sometimes, this information gets out because the said email is being tagged by the service as the user's identification.

  • Written online activity - Websites are now integrated with facilities that use the logged in information to share or react to an online content. A blog may not be as anonymous as it seems if the user doesn't know how to tinker with the settings. With just a few clicks, blogs can show the email link used as the login information.

  • Pictures, audio recordings, and videos - Be familiar with the subject's physical appearance. This will aid in identifying which social media account belongs to whom since screening profile pictures may prove to be a bit tricky.

  • Relationship logs and friends lists - This is basic networking. Someone related to the subject may be an acquaintance or even a family friend.

Step Three - Find The Most Basic Information

With this, a physical phonebook can be scanned manually or a call directory assistance service can be phoned. Unless specifically asked to be private, residential numbers (and sometimes, even home addresses) are published in the phonebook. Utilize this option especially if you need contact information. This is likely to be most useful when looking for distant relatives.

Step Four - Use A Special Search Engine

The internet is basically just a huge database. A bot, also known as a web crawler, peruses the World Wide Web. Search engines like Google use this program to help index their contents and keep the data up to date.

For just less than three dollars, you can use for five days unlimited. This service can provide you all sorts of public records as well as criminal records. Private investigators make use of this kind of software, which provides a summary report of your searches, with which an option is given whether to download or print.

Whether free or paid, do a USA people search yourself - private investigators are too expensive which can cost up to 50 dollars per report. In addition to not having to tell anyone why a search is being done, it can be done at the comfort and privacy of your home. Nevertheless, information gathered from sites of this kind should not be used for any purpose that can hurt the subject either physically or emotionally. Be reminded that all information retrieved from this research should only be used for legal purposes.

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