Chesapeake, Virginia

Chesapeake is located in the southeastern part and is the second largest city in the U.S. State of Virginia. Chesapeake has been named as the 21st best city in America by Bloomberg Businessweek and is rated by the FBI as one of the top five safest cities of its size. The city has many cultural facilities and excellent schools.

To See And To Do In Chesapeake

  • Chesapeake Arboretum
  • Oak Grove Lake Park
  • Fun Forrest
  • Chesapeake Planetarium
  • Chesapeake Veterans' Memorial
  • Lunar Mini Golf
  • Deep Creek Park
  • Dismal Swamp Canal Trail
  • Chesapeake Square Mall
  • Greenbrier Mall
  • Fishing
  • Bird Watching
  • Chesapeake Virginia Wine Festival
  • Northwest River Park & Campground

    NORFOLK and VIRGINIA BEACH are just 10-40 minutes away.

History Of Chesapeake - Timeline

Chesapeake is a new city and was formed as an independent city in 1963.

Long before the first Europeans came, the Native Americans called the area Chesepiooc. Around 1607/08, English settlers began to explore the area. In 1620, the first Englishmen settled. In 1636, around 100 English settlers lived in the area. In 1640, Chesapeake was the leading tobacco-producing region in the "new world".

In 1660, slaves was the primary workforce on Chesapeake tobacco farms and plantations. In 1691, Norfolk County was formed. (Chesapeake, Norfolk, and parts of Portsmouth). In 1700, more than 100.000 English settlers lived in the region. Many of them came to work on the plantations to cultivate tobacco. In 1728, Chesapeake exported 50 million pounds of tobacco.

In 1775, the Battle of Great Bridge was fought in the early start of the American Revolution. Patriot troops forced British troops to turn back. Chesapeake hosts an annual event each December to retell the story. In 1793, the Dismal Swamp Canal was built. It opened in 1805. The canal is the oldest continually operating man-made canal in the USA. In 1853, the original Wallaceton house was built.

In 1880, the Centreville–Fentress Historic District was developed. In 1885, the original Cornland School house was built. The building standing there today was built in 1902. In 1908, the Old Portlock School No. 5 was completed. In 1959, the professional football player Kenneth Mason Easley Jr. was born in the city. In 1928, the Jordan Bridge opened. In 1938, the Gilmerton Bridge was completed.

First in 1963, Chesapeake was formed as an independent city and approximately 78,000 people lived in the city. In 1970, the NBA player Alonzo Mourning was born. In 1976, the Chesapeake Regional Medical Center opened.

In 1983, the National Football League player DeAngelo Hall was born. In 1989, the Chesapeake Square Mall opened. In 1991, the professional baseball pitcher Timothy Edward Butler was born in the city. In 1997, the American hurdler and sprinter Grant Holloway was born. In 2019, Holloway became the world champion in the 110 meter hurdles. In 2004, the current Great Bridge Bridge was completed.