Aberdeen, South Dakota

Aberdeen is located in the north-eastern part and is the third largest city in the U.S. State of South Dakota. Aberdeen is a family-friendly community. The city is known as the Hub City of the Dakotas, and the Brown County seat. It is also a college town, being the home of both Presentation College, and Northern State University. In about 27% of Aberdeen's households, there are children under the age of 18. The city is known and revered as a safe, caring environment in which to raise children. Today the city offers many work opportunities in renewable energy, healthcare and in biological agriculture.

To See And To Do In Aberdeen

  • Dacotah Prairie Museum
  • Wylie Park
  • Historic Downtown
  • Storybook Land
  • Kuhnert Arboretum
  • Land of Oz
  • Fishing
  • Playing Golf
  • Easton Park
  • Lakewood Mall
  • Mina Lake Recreation Area

History Of Aberdeen - Timeline

In 1700, the area was inhabited by the Sioux Indians. In 1820, there were fur trading posts at the site, built by people from Europe. In 1879, European-American settlers reached the area and settled and the town was established, named for Aberdeen, Scotland. Aberdeen was built around the newly developing railroad systems and in 1881, the first train arrived. It was carrying lumber and other supplies to build the town.

In 1882, Aberdeen was incorporated, and the same year, the Church of Sacred Heart was built. In 1883, the Grain Palace was built. In 1885, the newspaper, The Aberdeen News, was founded. In 1888, Easton Castle was built by the farmer C.A. Bliss. In 1890, there were 230 businesses in the town and the first Fire Department was established (unpaid). In 1900, there were over 4000 people living in Aberdeen.

In 1901, the Northern State University was founded and also the Avera St. Luke's Hospital. In 1904, the Courthouse was built. In 1905, the William Bickelhaupt House was built to host society parties. In 1910, electric streetcars took people to places in the town. In 1926, the Capitol Theatre was built. In 1928, the historic Alonzo Ward Hotel was built.

In 1930, the composer John Cacavas was born in Aberdeen. (Kojac, Hawaii Five-O, Columbo, and more). In 1951, the Presentation College was established. In 1963, Mary Ann Fischer gave birth to four girls and a boy, the first surviving quintuplets in the USA. In 2007, Aberdeen was declared a disaster area when rain flooded the city streets. Over 100 houses were damaged.