Warren, Michigan

Warren is located in the southeastern and is the third largest city in the U.S. State of Michigan. Warren is often referred to as the City of Progress. It is the home to General Motors Technical Center and serves as the headquarters of Big Boy Restaurants International.

To See And To Do In Warren

  • The Warren Symphony Orchestra
  • Farmers Market
  • Visit The Parks
  • Ice Skating At City Square Rink
  • Warren Community Centre Indoor Waterpark

History Of Warren - Timeline

In 1817, the early private-sector surveyor Joseph Wampler surveyed the territory now known as Warren. He found a small group of Indians living there. Beebe's Corners, the settlement that became the city of Warren, was founded in 1830 by Charles Groesbeck. His brother Louis Groesbeck soon followed. Beebe's Corners had a toll gate run by John L Beebe. In 1831, more farmers from England arrived. In 1833, the original Base Line Feed Store building was constructed.

In 1837, the population of Warren was 249. The people named the place to Hickory and then to Aba. In 1839 they finally named the settlement to Warren and the area began to be changed from mature forest to rural farmland. Many were farmers and some worked in at the sawmills, flour, and feed mills. The place was named after Rev. Abel Warren who was a Sergeant in the War of 1812.

In 1850, about 700 people lived in the town. In 1854, a wood frame church building was completed. In 1856, the main road in the village was built with 10 feet wide planks. In 1857, First Baptist Church of Warren was built. In 1859 the North school was built. It was also called the Berz school. In 1875, the Warren Township District No. 4 School was built and Beebe's Corners had now 2 churches, the Methodist Church, and St. Pauls Church. In 1876, the brick house "Bunert-Weier Farm" was built. In 1893, the settlement was incorporated as the Village of Warren.

In 1900, many people had moved and 350 people now lived in the village. In 1936, Warren was incorporated as a town. In 1939, the first fire station was built. In 1940, the first manufacturing plant ever built for the mass production of tanks in the United States, "The Detroit Arsenal Tank Plant", was established.

In 1949, the GM Technical Center facility was built. In 1950, about 90.000 people lived in the city. In 1957, Warren was incorporated as the city of Warren. In 1971, the famous professional ice hockey player "Doug Weight" was born in the city. In 2011, unemployment rate was high and half of the residents were near or below the poverty line.